Choose Smart Casco and don’t be afraid of hail or strong wind

Choose Smart Casco and don’t be afraid of hail or strong wind

Is it possible to increase car protection while saving on Autocasco insurance? Nothing is impossible for LINK4

Drivers with third party liability insurance in LINK4 can use a selected variant of the Smart Casco policy. This is a great option for people who don’t need a full range of AC or want to save on cost but not at the cost of safety. In the case of Smart Casco, the cost of insurance is much lower, and the protection covers the selected threats that we fear the most.

Be wise against harm

Rain, storms, hurricanes, hail or floods – we have to face them more and more often, regardless of the season. Natural phenomena observed in recent years show that nature is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Many scientists believe that it is due to human activities – continuous urbanization, industrialization or large-scale deforestation. One thing is certain: the climate is becoming more violent.

Those who do not have the option to park their car are the most worried. The best protection against the vagaries of nature is to buy AC policy. However, many drivers say that the full scope of coverage is not necessary in their situation, mostly because it involves spending an additional amount for optional insurance. By having only third party liability insurance purchased, they risk an incident that could destroy their household budget. To meet the needs of these drivers, LINK4 offers the Smart Casco insurance in five versions.

Smart like Casco Smart

Smart Casco Insurance is a smaller, customized version of Autocasco. This means that the policy can be changed to your preferences or needs. A driver does not have to buy a complete package to protect their car. Smart Casco insurance allows you to protect the car against the situations that we fear the most. The variants available are: Items, Steal, Steal with Items, Total Damage + Items, and an option that combines all of the listed features.

Ms. Olga (34) from Głogów talks about her experience with Smart Casco: Lower Silesia has recently become a very unpredictable area in terms of weather. Strong, hurricane-force winds in spring and summer are very difficult to deal with. Since my neighborhood has been the scene of dangerous natural events, I started thinking about buying an Autocasco. Especially since I park under a cloud. I found out about Smart Casco from an article in one of the magazines. Then I took a closer look at the LINK4 offer.

I also asked a friend of mine who insured them how he rated this insurer – he was very impressed. When my old OC was about to expire, I decided to switch to LINK4, buying an OC and a Smart Casco there for the Żywioły replacement that appeals to me. I didn’t even think about how quickly I would use it. In February, I bought a policy, and in May my car was damaged by a road sign that was overturned in a storm. A broken window on the passenger side and a large dent in the roof caused extensive damage and the need for expensive metal repairs. Fortunately, I had insurance.

I immediately called LINK4 to report the damage. I was told step by step what to do to get compensation. I had to prepare the necessary documents. The appointment of an expert was also arranged by me. After the validity of my claim, I was compensated within the stipulated time, thanks to which I paid the costs of all necessary repairs. Smart Casco really works, I can recommend this policy with full confidence – at this price it is a real revelation!

As much as possible for as little as possible

Recently, not only Lower Silesia has been struggling with the consequences of unstable weather. This applies to almost all of Poland, which is clearly shown by the dangerous wind storms that we have been struggling with, for example in recent days. Therefore, it is worth expanding the scope of car protection and deciding to buy a Smart Casco policy. You can choose an insurance option that only protects the car from the risk that we fear the most. As a result, the price of the policy is lower. For example, a good driver who feels confident behind the wheel and gives damage without damage will be able to choose insurance only against elements and theft, ie events beyond his control.

What to do if the value of the car exceeds the limit of PLN 40,000? Then it is worth contacting LINK4 specialists who will find satisfactory solutions tailored to the needs of the individual customer.

The selected Smart Casco insurance variant is only available in LINK4 in a package with OC.

Website: offers a calculator that intuitively guides the user through various insurance options and easily calculates the total cost of the policy. It is also worth talking directly with the advisers on the number 22 4444444 or meeting the agent in person. More information, including all limitations and restrictions, can be found in the GTC on the website