Christian Schultze of Mazda Motor Europe

Christian Schultze of Mazda Motor Europe

Mazda sometimes looks like a Gallic village that boldly opposes the Romans. The Japanese brand does not believe in small turbo engines, does not consider electricity to be a ‘sacred method’ and will usually bring six-cylinder line engines – including diesel – to market next year. At the time of meeting with Christian Schultze, Director of Research and Operations at Mazda Motor Europe.

Why does Mazda often do things differently technically than other brands?
“It’s in our minds. We do not follow others blindly to copy their ideas. We believe there are more ways to solve the problem and you usually look for those other solutions as well.”

You mean the gasoline and diesel engine of the Skyactiv X?
“Yes, that’s a good example, many brands have tried to combine the benefits of diesel and gasoline engines and come to the conclusion that it does not work, but Mazda has continued to seek solutions and now has SPCCI. a technology developed that combines the benefits of both engine principles. “

Does Mazda not believe in slowing down with small turbo engines?
“We can design a small turbo engine with great ease and power. But such a machine is only economical if you ask for a little more power. Official performance measurements show good shape, but in practice it is thirsty. Or as the Germans say:” ‘Turbo left and Turbo left’† In addition, we do not think the engine characteristics of a small turbo engine are good. At low revs nothing happens and then suddenly there is a lot of power. We want the driver to have a more manageable engine and that is a turbocharged gasoline engine.

Is that why Mazda creates high-transfer engines?
“High cylinder capacity has different causes. For diesel, for example, for high capacity it can achieve low load and therefore lower combustion temperatures. This results in lower emission values. High engine capacity should not cause more power, but production younger. and more powerful to pull. “

How do the new six-cylinder engines fit into that quest for efficiency? More cylinders are equivalent to more resistance, right?
“It really has more internal friction, but it has a lot of pulling power at lower revs and better combustion. The car’s performance improves and you can adjust the automatic transmission to compensate for that extra internal friction. So we expect our car to be six new cylinders. does not use more than our four-liter cylinders. “

There is still a small power supply in Mazda. Will you deal with it differently?
“Politicians, especially in Europe, believe that the combustion engine will be superfluous by 2035. The reality is different. In Norway, the majority of cars already sold are electric, in Bulgaria or southern Italy there is nothing. In France, electric driving It only happens in big cities, not in the countryside at all. Electricity can solve some problems well, but not all. And an electric car is just as clean as the electricity it produces. “That’s why we believe that e-fuels, made from green energy that removes CO2 from the air, will play a significant role, because the problem is not that we are refueling but that we are using fossil fuels.

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