Chrysler, a crazy project to put a V10 Viper engine in a motorcycle

Chrysler, a crazy project to put a V10 Viper engine in a motorcycle

The craziest idea comes from the United States, especially from the factories Chryslerwhere Chrysler Viper V10 engine on a motorcycle chassis give life to Dodge Tomahawks. To realize the idea there was no need for some market research or design studies: in just 6 months the prototype was delivered to 2003 Detroit Auto Show.


Dodge Tomahawk is real bigwith a length of 2 meters and 60 centimeters, a width of 93 and a height of only 70 centimeters and a total weight of 680 km. In short, this single seater is not the most comfortable car you can drive. Another feature that makes an automatic motorcycle a natural model is the presence of two sets of twin wheels which allows the absence of a stand, with a system very similar to that found today on Piaggio MP3 or Quadro scooters. The front light has a set of 12 LEDs, while the tail light has another 8 in red. The dashboard is very special: it is the screen where you can find all the information you need while driving in bike mode.


About the engine, i cooling radiators they are closed where the headlights would normally be, with a mechanism that can direct the air during acceleration. The fuel tank mounted vertically between the engine and the front suspension with two wishbones. To transmit the engine power of 500 HP to the rear wheel, a two-speed chain gearbox with a two-disc clutch and a king shaft transmission were installed.

20 years ago the first experiment carried out in Miami revealed that, even for a few kilometers, this “animal” can walk, but obviously, Driving on the road is illegal. According to the designers, the bike can reach a speed of 700 km / h, a real madness even for today’s times. Silly but true, 9 specimens ordered from the day of its delivery, for a total price of approx 445,000 euros.