Citizen John Cooper Works – reviews, test, fuel consumption

Citizen John Cooper Works – reviews, test, fuel consumption

Let’s get the facts straight. The Countryman is the most “grown up” Mini version of the new era. Speaking more softly, he looks like he was swollen after a bee sting. In the mini range it plays the role of SUV, or rather SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle), because that is how the BMW group likes to describe this type of vehicle.

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The Mini Countryman JCW has All4 all-wheel drive, and the version signed with the initials of the famous racing car designer, John Cooper Works, has an engine that develops up to 306 HP. In my opinion, such a car in the Countryman, which by nature does not have a sporty character, is like a flower for a sheepskin coat, with a little fog.

What? I have a lot of sympathy for the modern Mini, or do I? The first generation (R50) of this model, designed by Frank Stephenson, was very clean and had a breath of fresh air in the neoretro style, which revived the car market. In the Cooper S version with a supercharged engine, a mechanical compressor was the original proposal and a real “devil’s box”. He had a lot of character.

Then it got worse. Successive generations of the miniak (R5x and F5x) developed and regressed at a rapid pace, departing more and more from Alec Issigonis’ original idea found in the Morris Mini-Minor system. Worse, BMW decided it was necessary to multiply the sales success of the new brand and began to create successive iterations of the new Mini. review: The BMW X3 M competition should be a no-brainer

Junior Citizen John Cooper WorksJunior Citizen John Cooper Works photo: £ K

This is the Mini Convertible, five-door hatchback, Clubman, Countryman, and even such wonders. Roadster, Coupe and Paceman. Does anyone still remember them? The designers of the BMW brand did their best. They added more pairs of doors, stretched the body in all directions, raised the suspension, added a four-wheel drive …

Many variants of the new era Mini had ancestors in the form of original models from the past, but in practice they had little connection. The pinnacle of this madness is the Mini Countryman JCW (F60), which has five doors, four-wheel drive and plenty of power. It is long, tall, sporty and off-road. The Mini Countryman JCW has everything but charm.

Its Clubman sibling is saved by an impressive double trunk door. As for the Countryman, it’s hard for me to find any justification for its existence. But it is found by customers who are very eager to buy SAV Mini. Why? Indeed, as it is more spacious and practical, the Mini badge gives it some respect. Plus, anything that looks a little bit like an SUV is automatic.

My hatred of this version of the Mini is not based on my inherent malice or bias. I think he is too grateful to buy it from the heart and too flawed to do it for no reason. One of them is an aging design that has not been able to hide the subsequent improvements.

Junior Citizen John Cooper WorksJunior Citizen John Cooper Works photo: £ K

Junior John Cooper Work – body, dimensions

In hindsight, I think looks aren’t the Clubman’s strong point. In the raised and raised body, the attractive proportions of the Mini are lost, the main part of which is the front part of the body and the terrible bonnet (unfortunately, it is one of the most beautiful things of this car).

Countryman, on the other hand, is a compact car. It is 429.7 cm long, 182.2 cm wide and 155.7 cm long, and its wheelbase is 267 cm. In this regard, it might have dared to compete with the Volkswagen Golf or … the front-wheel drive BMW 1 Series.

You may or may not like the Mini, but most of all it is outdated. This is the generation that entered the market in 2014 and since then, despite the modernization and subsequent versions, the structural basics have remained the same. Eight years in terms of automotive engineering is an entire era and unfortunately it’s easy to notice when driving the Countryman.

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Mini Countryman John Cooper Works – interior, trunk

The interior is made of materials of different quality. Some are very beautiful, but others are hard and scratchy. The Countryman’s cab is in many ways a contradiction to ergonomic principles. I have plenty of evidence for that.

Junior Citizen John Cooper WorksJunior Citizen John Cooper Works photo: £ K

It goes, among others o a very thick rim of the steering wheel (it is a pity that the brand borrowed it from BMW), uncomfortable door handles, a rectangular screen on a round bag, two-way “aviation” switches, which suggest action difference based on No difference. which way you bend them, but in most cases this is not the case.

In addition, the old versions of the new Mini had a more analog interior, which made the design work better. After replacing classic clocks with liquid crystal screens, the cabin lost its credibility. The seats also did not impress, because they are too hard, especially for a car with family expectations.

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Mini Countryman John Cooper Works – engine, performance, driving characteristics

The Mini Countryman JCW is a small crossover with GTI-class performance. The 2l 306hp turbocharged engine from BMW is good, but average power compared to competing engines. The performance of the JCW Countryman is good, but the driving pleasure is killed by the ineffective all-wheel drive and eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission.

When driving, the Citizen JCW seems slower than suggested by the technical data (acceleration of 5.1 hundred seconds and a maximum speed of 250 km / h) First of all, it slowly begins to move. It takes turns effectively, but not too subtly. Give him a wide grip tires Pirelli P Zerohard, despite the increase in travel, suspension, but it does not trick in the reactions of the car to the throttle or touch the brake in a bend.

The situation is aggravated by the ineffective steering system and automatic transmission, which can change gears in the most surprising time. Of course you can do it manually with the paddles on the steering wheel, but it’s still not fun enough to drive. Besides, in the practical version of the Citizen, the expectations of sports are meaningless, despite the fact that the clan is reminiscent of a number of JCW badges. I tried to find them all, you can try to count them in the picture.

Junior Citizen John Cooper WorksJunior Citizen John Cooper Works photo: £ K

Citizen John Cooper Works – prices and reviews

In theory, the Mini Countryman JCW is unique to all. It has the performance of sports, the capabilities of a compact car, the ambition of an SUV and luxury equipment. In practice, it turns out that it doesn’t work any better.

For the Mini Countryman JCW model you have to pay at least 189 thousand. PLNbecause that is the base price of this model. For comparable money you can buy many more attractive and modern cars, even from the parent brand BMW. There are a lot of mushrooms in the borscht and it starts to smell fresh. Sorry Mini, but you really need a successor.