Citroën Ami: fleet operating at Genoa airport

Citroën Ami: fleet operating at Genoa airport

It serves as a chauffeur: three electric Citroën Ami have been added to the fleet operating at Genoa Airport. “Citroën Ami has all the necessary features to meet our mobility needs,” says Marco Bresciani, Airport Manager at Genoa Airport.

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Ami’s range of up to 75 km is enough for several days. The 5.5 kWh battery powered by the 6 KW electric motor can be recharged within three hours from a standard 220 V socket. Its speed of up to 45 km/h is sufficient on the airport apron.

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Citroen Ami: solid and clear

Compact external dimensions and a turning circle of only seven meters make it very easy, which is an advantage on the apron and when parking in parking spaces. In addition, its noiseless, CO2-free vehicle enables environmentally friendly driving.

The large glass surfaces, including the glass roof, provide a better view of the outside. Two people can sit next to each other in the spacious, warm and weatherproof interior. The three planes deployed have been fitted with highly visible stickers and reflective lights in accordance with airport regulations.