Citroen “Ami for all”: it was conceived to provide a mobility solution for people with motor disabilities

Citroen “Ami for all”: it was conceived to provide a mobility solution for people with motor disabilities

Citroën presents the “Ami for All” concept, a project developed in collaboration with PIMAS, a specialist in transforming vehicles for people with reduced mobility. It will be exhibited at the Autonomic Exhibition in Paris, at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center, from 6 to 8 June 2023. (Register for free to the Telegraph channel of Rally time to get information on your phone LINKS)

This model is designed to be operated by people with reduced mobility who no longer have the use of at least one lower limb, especially people in wheelchairs. The model includes technical advances such as a large opening angle of the doors, equipment for transferring the wheelchair to the seat (footboard and strap), mechanical control and guidance for acceleration and braking, ball on the steering wheel to facilitate driving vehicle and solution. smart for transporting the wheelchair in or out of the passenger compartment.

With “Ami for All”, Citroën restores freedom to those who have lost it thanks to Ami, an accessible electric solution that does not require a driving license. « Ami for All » offers them a simple solution to live an active life and socialize without relying on a third person to accompany them or on public transport with unpredictable schedules and access.

“Ami for All” is fully in line with Ami’s philosophy: to provide a robust answer to mobility access for all. Ami brought back the convenience of traveling in short trips and gave more freedom to the young, the elderly and people without a driving license. We are happy to present this technical solution to extend this freedom of movement for people with reduced mobility and we are working to make this project happen in a short time”. Thierry Koskas – General Manager of Citroen.

Thanks to accessibility and ease of use, « Ami for All » has no equal in terms of what it offers to people with reduced mobility. It represents the real cause of social integration, which restores freedom and independence to people who are currently limited in their daily lives.

An adequate answer to the currently missing solution
“Ami kw Wote” is a particularly effective solution to restore independence for people with reduced mobility, especially those who have lost the use of their legs and need a wheelchair. This fact affects 1% of the world’s population. It is a safe, comfortable, compact and convenient solution that allows them to move from the age of 14, even if they do not have a driving license.

The beginning
The nature of this project is symbolic: it is based on the Star*up program, an idea incubator that allows Stellantis employees to present their creative ideas. If the proposal is selected, the employee has the opportunity to participate in business acceleration, where ideas can become reality. The meeting between Christophe Lapeyre, the creator of this project, and Citroën about a common vision took place in a very normal way.

« The project shared in 2022 aimed to provide a turnkey solution to adapt transport for the disabled to the challenge of electric transport. I got the idea from watching my stepson’s high school students who depended on transportation in TPMR (Transportation for Persons with Limited Mobility) vehicles, while their classmates enjoyed complete freedom. In addition to important social factors, the identification of technical and industrial solutions was an inspiring challenge. At Citroën, I immediately found a sponsor who believed in me and supported me in the development of the project » Christophe Lapeyre – Project Manager « Ami for All ».

Ami: the best mobility solution
Ami is the best tool to improve everyday life and contribute to more freedom. It allows people with limited mobility to drive fully, on a controlled budget, and avoid the complexity of PMR travel or public transport, so they can continue to control their mobility and enjoy direct freedom.

Its compact size makes it easy and convenient to park. A small footprint allows enough space to maneuver a wheelchair. Its height also makes it easy to climb. With a speed of up to 45km/h, it is easy to drive and its 75km range makes it ideal for everyday use. It is strong and closed, providing more security and comfort.

« Ami for All » is as easy to use as any other electronic device for everyday use. It does not require a special charger and recharging is quick and easy. Its 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, mounted under the floor, can be easily charged via an on-board power cable located in the passenger door. Once plugged in, it takes less than four hours to fully charge using a standard 220V outlet.

PMR’s “Ami for All” modifications are standardized and easy to assemble, regardless of the Ami version chosen by the customer. It was designed and built in collaboration with PIMAS, a leading company in the transformation of vehicles for people with reduced mobility.

The evolution of « Ami for All » is based on the spirit of Ami, favoring pragmatism and ingenuity, without additional equipment. It is aimed at the modification of the cabin mechanics, so that people with disabilities can easily find and drive the car. This involved redesigning the accessibility of the driver’s door, the on-board shifter, moving the throttle and brake controls to arm’s length, and modifying the interior space to accommodate a detached wheelchair.

Access on board
Ami offers an interesting climbing solution. Getting in and out is easy thanks to the wide door and rear-hinged door that opens on the driver’s side. The angle of the door hinge has been increased to allow customers to position the wheelchair parallel to the edge of the passenger compartment after opening the driver’s door. The removable and retractable shelf is then opened to allow the person to be transferred independently from the wheelchair to the passenger compartment. Using a strap attached to the top of the interior door frame, the customer moves from the wheelchair to the driver’s seat. The operation takes only a few minutes.

Once on board and ready to go, the driver has a ball on the steering wheel, which makes it easy to hold and allows you to benefit from the excellent handling of “Ami for All”. Instead of the usual foot pedals for the 6 kW electric motor, an intuitive mechanical lever has been added for manual speed control and a brake pedal, which can be pushed or pulled. Note that the pedals still remain active.

Wheelchair accommodation
The wheelchair can be transported in two ways. It can be stored in the passenger compartment, taking advantage of the large glove compartment in front of the Citroen Ami passenger. The driver removes the wheels of the wheelchair and secures them to the footwell with specially designed straps. The wheels fit perfectly in this glove box. A folded wheelchair is placed in the passenger seat. It is closed with a special additional safety belt. These settings allow the disabled driver to travel independently.

If a passenger is also present, the wheelchair can be easily placed in a special position behind « Ami for All » using the aluminum luggage rack. The wheelchair should be placed by the passenger, and may be covered with a protective sheet. In this way the passenger compartment remains completely free. Instead of relying on a third party to accompany him, the user of “Ami for All” becomes his own companion for daily trips and lifestyle events.

Since its launch in April 2020, Citroën Ami has surprised the micromobility market with its clever design. At only 2.41 meters long, Ami is more compact and more flexible. With electricity, it can be recharged after 4 hours with a simple 220V socket, like any other home appliance. Ami was designed to be accessible to as many people as possible: it can be driven by people aged 14 to 77, has an affordable price and low running costs. Mounted firmly on its 14″ 4-spoke wheels for added convenience, the Ami measures 2.41m in length, 1.39m in width and 1.52m in height. It promises day-to-day agility and very easy parking, thanks to its excellent turning circle (7.20 m).