Citroen Basalt vision – a bold new concept, but not for Europe

Citroen Basalt vision – a bold new concept, but not for Europe

Citroen once again wants to create a car that will be a sedan, SUV and coupé at the same time. Most of us, however, will see the final effect in photos and videos – the intended purpose of the style that will be created from the concept of Basalt Vision is not European.

Citroen likes to experiment with the style of its models and offer its customers non-obvious design solutions. On March 27, the French brand presented its new concept car called Basalt Vision. How does this relate to the first sentence? Well, if we take the individual elements out of the equation, we can see anything revolutionary; However, the whole thing can interest us.

As Citroën itself describes it, the Basalt Compass is a “very compact SUV Coupé”. At first glance, you can see some differences between the Aircross series models and the latest C5 X. The brand based in Poissy has clearly decided that classifying cars by body style is outdated and once again comes up with an idea that combines several different styles – sedan, SUV and coupé at once.

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This feeling was intentional. The manufacturer himself admits that the Basalt Vision is an SUV with a coupé touch, having all the advantages of a “5-door sedan”. It must be admitted that on paper it is a combination that can be interesting.

The French announced at the very beginning that the style, which would be based on the concept of the Basalt Vision, would go beyond the Old Continent. Finally, the car will land in India and South America, which should be, according to Citroën, its “two strategic regions”.

The final model, which is expected to enter the market in the second half of 2024, is not expected to differ much from the presented concept.. Will he conquer India and South America? This will become clear over time.