Citroen C3: Small petrol SUV at a good price like Dacia Sandero

Citroen C3: Small petrol SUV at a good price like Dacia Sandero

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Citroën is now in the low-end market and wants to please its competitor Dacia. After offering an outrageous price for its new C3 electric model, the herringbone brand is pricing the petrol version at the same level as the Sandero, the cheapest car on the market.

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– Thermal Citroen C3 is almost the same price as Dacia Sandero.

When it comes to affordable cars, Dacia has long stood alone. Dusters and other Sanderos from the Romanian brand of the Renault group are classified among the most attractive models on the market from a financial point of view, completely undisturbed by the competition. So it is a real hit with French motorists. But another popular brand also wants its share of the pie and is therefore offering you a good price on one of its new cars. And what a car! Citroen C3. You know, this is a mini SUV (half SUV-half city car) that has created a lot of buzz in recent months and its electric version for 23,300 euros (at the entry level) or less than 20,000 euros for the limited-autonomy e-C3, available on the list soon.

Citroen C3 becomes the second cheapest city car on the market

The heated version of the C3 also comes with a surprisingly low price. The new small city car (or mini SUV) Citroen C3, equipped with a PureTech gasoline engine with a capacity of 100 horsepower (no hybrid), will be sold at the end of 2024 from 14,990 euros. The price is 1,600 euros lower than that of the current, less powerful C3, which costs 16,590 euros. In addition, it is well equipped, with climate, cruise control, reversing sensors, hill start support, traffic sign recognition, smartphone docking station, emergency braking, etc.

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And surprisingly, this is a very attractive price as the Dacia Sandero, the cheapest car on the market and one of the best selling cars in France today, cost of 14,250 euros for the same engine, ie 100 hp Eco-G with dual fuel petrol and LPG. As for the basic Dacia Sandero, the price of which starts at 11,990 euros, it is powered by only 65 horsepower. Note also that the Citroën C3 petrol will be more accessible than the higher fuel versions of the Peugeot 208 (which costs more than 20,000 euros) and the Renault Twingo (17,000 euros).

Although we thought that the price war was going on only for 100 percent electric cars, so Citroën is attacking Dacia and other French brands head-on on gasoline engines, the end of which is scheduled for 2035. Will others follow suit?

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