Citroen C5 X is waiting for you in Karolinka.  Do you know where it is?  |

Citroen C5 X is waiting for you in Karolinka. Do you know where it is? |

Citroen C5 X in Karolinka? This is the name of the famous Opole shopping center where this attractive car is presented to customers.

Karolinka Shopping Center in Opole is a complex combining shops and a retail park. The total leasable area of ​​Karolinka is 70,000 sq m. m², of which about 38 thousand m² for each gallery, and more than 32 thousand m² for the retail park. In this area, popular among Opole residents and tourists, you can see the Citroën C5 X in the next few days.

The flagship of this brand offers a spacious, very comfortable interior and three levels of equipment: Feel, Shine and Shine Pack. The Citroen can be purchased with a 130-horsepower gasoline or 180- and 225-horsepower rechargeable hybrid, allowing you to drive on electric power alone for more than 50 kilometers.

“I invite you to get to know the all-new Citroën C5

Citroen showrooms have promotional prices – so it’s worth going to one for a test drive to see how the C5 fares on smooth roads.

Set up your new C5 X now

The Citroen C5 X also offers a royal space on board and comfortable seats that prevent discomfort associated with long journeys. Combined with the suspension, they filter out differences and ensure a quiet, pleasant ride, unlike the rigid sports suspensions of competing brands, which are very annoying for those who drive such a car.

Citroen C5 X available immediately in stores across the country.

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