Citroen C6 Abandoned on the Sierra Leone-Guinea border in Africa.  Polish teams of Budapest – Bamako rally go home |

Citroen C6 Abandoned on the Sierra Leone-Guinea border in Africa. Polish teams of Budapest – Bamako rally go home |

Polish teams driving two Citroen BX 4×4s are heading home. The trip will take them more than three weeks. In Africa, at one of the border crossings, they came across an abandoned Citroën C6.

Piotr Biegała in Thunder Car and Tomasz Nowak in Flying Carpet, two team leaders driving Citroen BX 4×4, return from Sierra Leone to Poland. The trip will take them about 3 weeks, because both crews do not need to rush and visit the most interesting places on the way.

Polish Citroen BX 4 × 4 “Flying Carpet” on the way back from the rally Budapest – Bamako 2024

After a two-day break in Freetown in Sierra Leone, where the final line of the Budapest – Bamako rally was reached, they started to head for Europe:

Driving on the highway in Sierra Leone to the capital costs 3×2 Leones. One Euro is currently 24 Leone. And how are our expensive roads?

Guinea is a nightmare for a driver. There are some common roads here, built by the Chinese, whose residences can be found in various places. However, it is equally likely that instead of asphalt you will encounter a damaged dirt road, or that there will be a big hole in the middle of the road. You have to be very careful. Social networks are blocked here, so we didn’t buy local SIM cards, it didn’t make any sense. We slept at random campsites. The heat is great, the dust is everywhere” – says Piotr Biegała.

Citroen C6 on Sierra Leone plates

At the border crossing between Sierra Leone and Guinea, travelers met a Citroën C6.

“It stood for a long time, parked next to the guard’s hut, none of the people who were there knew anything about it, or I could not contact them,” said Tomasz Nowak, who professionally deals with the service. repair of Citroen C6s.

A Citroen C6 near a guard hut on the Sierra Leone-Guinea border

The further trip will take about 3 weeks and all teams will arrive in Poland in the first half of March. We will check where they are from time to time. They will spend the next few days visiting Senegal. Despite the fatigue of the trip, the weather is very good – which is suitable for seeing and knowing the beauty of the area and the local cuisine.

The cars, despite their good age (they are all over 30 years old), work flawlessly.

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