Citroen e-C3: the first of the entry-level electric cars has five very smart things – Electricity

Citroen e-C3: the first of the entry-level electric cars has five very smart things – Electricity

The new Citroen e-C3 should arrive at dealerships in a few weeks

April 16, 2024

Stellantis is ready for the first time of the new Citroën eC3: the first electric car that, in the mid-size car segment, is offered at a price 23.900 euros.

New Citroën e-C3 it should arrive at dealers in a few weeks and, as we told you at the beginning, the power is offered with two configurations: “You” and “Max“. In short, the arrangement You offers rear parking sensors, a head-up display, an AC charger with up to 7.4 kW power and a Smartphone Center (instead of an information display and controlled via a smartphone), along with a financial offer of 49 euros per month (35 monthly installments of 49 euros, TAN 3.3%, APR 4.94%, Down payment 6,300 euros and the last installment 12,267 euros).

The arrangement Max, however, adds a 10.25-inch infotainment display and Automatic Climate Control. Final financial offer suggests 35 monthly installments of 99 eurosTAN 3.3%, APR 4.53%, prepayment 5,924 euros and final installment 15,846 euros.

The rear of the new Citroen e-C3

5 wise things

Pabout strength trainingthe car sits on the platform Smartcar and Stellantis and, as for the collector, the e-C3 has a battery. LFP and 44 kWh which allows freedom 320 e.g (WLTP). In addition, the electric motor develops the power of 113 Cv and, being able to recharge it, with direct current can take advantage of the charging power of up to 100 kW (20-80% in 26 minutes).

As you may have read from the title, the new e-C3 has cinque things A lot cunningespecially at a very attractive price:

  1. HeadUp The show: the car has a flat display in the upper part of the dashboard and, compared to the usual head-up displays found on more expensive models, this solution is more. economic allows the display of all information while behind the wheel, allowing the driver to keep his eyes on the road.
  2. Measurements: although the car has measurements compact (4,01 x 1,76 x 1,57 meters), passenger compartment it offers a lot of space compared to the exterior dimensions of the e-C3. Four average-sized adults can easily sit and, with a trunk of 310 LITAThe car provides all the necessary elements to cope with the daily routine of the classic.
  3. Driving cars: with the motorization I mentioned, in 2025 The electric variant will be offered with a range of up to 200 e.g and lower price than 20,000 euros. Of course, the latter will have a smaller battery capacity (think around 30 kWh)
  4. …even gasoline: Citroen offers a turbo petrol engine from 1.2 liters by virtue of 100 Cv, mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. Moreover, it is important communication official and the company: the new car will be equipped katana Of supply. A version will also be available later this year Hybrid 100, it probably has 48 Volt electrical equipment.
  5. Price: it is of electricity that engine fat offered at a very attractive price, especially if we consider the new car incentive (arrival within the first week of May). Of electricity is offered at the price of 23.900 euros for the configuration of You (the price drops to 10.150 euros if you have an ISEE of less than 30,000 euros and a Euro 2 car will be removed) and, about heatso far we only know that petroleum energy will be available to begin with 14.990 euros.