Citroen e-C3, with new incentives for 2024 can cost more than 10 thousand euros.

Citroen e-C3, with new incentives for 2024 can cost more than 10 thousand euros.

If there is no further delay, in the month of May The new Ecobonus 2024 that we have talked about several times should come into force and which will allow you to get a contribution of more than 13,000 euros for electric vehicles if the ISEE is less than 30,000 euros and scrap. Currently, we remind you that the incentive includes 3,000 euros without cancellation or 5,000 euros in the case of an old car with cancellation.

Cars that can be mobilized must always have a price not exceeding 35,000 euros including VAT, i.e. 42,700 euros. Among the most interesting models compatible with Ecobonus there is a new Citroen e-C3 which will soon arrive in Italian dealers.


We remind you that the new e-C3 has a 83 kW (113 HP) electric motor the ability to allow electricity to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 11 seconds. The maximum speed is 135 km / h. The impeller is driven by an accumulator with a capacity of 44 kWh (LFP cells) which allows freedom of 320 km according to the WLTP cycle.

The new Citroen e-C3 is available in You and Max make arrangements starting, respectively, 23,900 euros and 28,400 euros. So, how much will this model cost with the arrival of new incentives in May? Let’s give some examples.

Also in the absence of an old scrap carcontribution will be 6,000 euros which can rise to 7,500 euros if the ISEE is less than 30,000 euros. This is how much a new electric from Citroen will cost.

  • Citroen e-C3 You: 17,900 euros or 16,400 euros
  • Citroen 3 C3 Max: 22,400 euros or 20,900 euros

However, if you have an old car to cancel, the contribution increases significantly and can reach up to 11,000 euros or 13,750 euros (ISEE less than 30,000 euros) for canceling the old car up to 2 Euros. In this case, this is how the cost of the new Citroen e- C3 will cost.

  • Citroen e-C3 You: 12,900 euros or 10,150 euros
  • Citroen 3 C3 Max: 17,400 euros or 14,650 euros

Contributions will be lower if you have Euro 3 or 4 depreciable cars: in particular, for Euro 3 10,000/12,500 euros and Euro 4 9,000/11,250 euros.

In short, in the best case it will be possible to take home a new electric car from the French car manufacturer for more than 10,000 euros. All that remains, therefore, is to wait for the new incentives to take effect.