Citroen E-C4: Driving a large car at a low price!

Citroen E-C4: Driving a large car at a low price!

Electricity is in the future and Citroen will invade the market with E-C4! The last C1 left off the line in January and that means the end of a small city car? Absolutely not!

ë-C4 is a large car with a small monthly car cost and this starts with the SEPP program, the Private Passenger Vehicle Electricity Subsidy Program, where individuals can submit a € 3,350 grant application when purchasing a fully operational electric vehicle. . For a private lease, you can also claim a € 70 grant for 48 months.

We do not want to push you, but you should not wait too long, because in the first 3 weeks of January, 35% of the grant was already in use.

Is the electric C4 cheaper? Rely on:

C3 Feel will cost you € 340 per month (rent) + € 139.13 in petrol (consumption 5.3 / 100 km and 1,250 km, € 2.10 per liter)

C4 of electricity will cost you € 425 per month (rent) + € 64 in electricity (consumption of 16 kWh / 100 km and 1,250 km, € 0.32 per kWh)

But, if you subtract € 70, – you come to € 419, – per month! So with ease of charge at home and at work, it is cheaper than with the same gasoline engine. And from now on, the choice is yours!

Source: Citroen Netherlands