Citroen H and Casper Pasman

Citroen H and Casper Pasman

It is like a baker receiving the last loaf from his companion; Casper Pasman bought his Citroen H bus in the UK.

“DThis Citroen H was manufactured in the UK by a friend a special builder. I know him well and his work because he buys parts from me. This was then taken out of the field somewhere behind a house in France and rebuilt as new to natural, old metal, but never used. And also accurate; for example, the back pavilion has five terraces that fifty-H years should have instead of six, as was later known in HY. It has a 2.3-liter VW engine, as well as a five-gear box. The barrier is larger than a standard four-cylinder, so the inner bonnet is made wider. “


“The rear axle and disc brakes are from BMW; you can also see that it has a wider track back than usual. Because he also received discs, which come from Renault. The H is now on 17-inch wheels with wide tires and is also slightly lowered. The original speedometer still exists, but it no longer works. Behind the rock in the middle of the dashboard are the original VW clocks that are barrier. The bakelite steering wheel comes from MG and has a powerful steering wheel. The wooden interior back was made by a carpenter, wicker barrels over the front window and a basket weaver. This Citroen H is custom and completed very well. I already knew the car and when I heard it being sold, I was there like a chicken. ”

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You can now read the full story of Citroën H from Casper Pasman in Autovisie, or via the video above in this article. Je! you have a special car and a special story yourself, or you know someone who is in that place Your garage fit, then sign up through [email protected]

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