Citroen is planning small electric cars at competitive prices

Citroen is planning small electric cars at competitive prices

French carmaker Citroen from the Stellantis Group wants to launch several small electric cars at competitive prices to put pressure on the competition. This is reported by Autocar with common knowledge. Cars sometimes have to appear with an unusual design, also to open new groups of customers. This was explained by the head of design of Citroen Pierre Leclercq.

The design elements that can be incorporated come from the angular Citroen Oli concept car, which is almost identical to Lego, the Citroen Ami cubic and the Citroën C3 Aircross. New cars should be designed individually and not look like smaller versions of existing cars. “We try not to build cars that have the effect of a Russian dollPierre Leclercq told Autocar. In any case, cars are designed to have “really aggressive price target‘ bring to market.

The French want to take advantage of the fact that many people want to switch to electricity but still cannot afford it. Although the premium brands would be more and more expensive, so Citroën could win new customers. Leclercq is almost optimistic: “We’re going to launch some really cool products soon that I think are really interesting in terms of design. This is going to be super cool. We’re looking forward to getting these things on the road. The prices are going to be really strong. We can only be proud that we’ve done it. I think we’re going to play a big role in the automotive industry in the next few years.” .

A relationship with the Opel Corsa-e?

According to Autocar, these new cars could be based on the CMP platform that is already used for the electric Opel Corsa as well as the Peugeot brother 208e. The 51 kWh battery used there can also be used in new vehicles. To enable an affordable car, for example – as in the Oli concept car – the infotainment system can be dispensed with and smartphone connectivity can be used entirely.

Laurence Hansen, Citroen’s Director of Product and Strategy, told Autocar: “Citroën likes to challenge the rules of the industry. At Oli we want to offer fun, modern, affordable and sustainable mobility. This is something we will continue to do for a long time because we believe it is in our DNA. Currently a new car costs 25,000 euros. For many, high investment is difficult to implement. Hansen plays: “Do we really think that tomorrow people will be able to invest more? We have to do something. (…) How would you like to deal with the economic crisis that may come in six months? If you don’t have a car, you don’t have a life.”

Source: Autocar – “Citroen study mix of expensive electric cars”