Citroen’s courage in history

Citroen’s courage in history

This year at the Rétromobile 2023 show, Citroën will focus on boldness and agility, choosing models from yesterday and today.

This year Retromobile living room will open its doors to the public from Wednesday 1er until Sunday February 5, 2023, at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center in Paris.

On this occasion, Citroën will invite visitors to the show to discover a selection of models of the period, around the themes of stylistic and technical courage, as well as lightness, while playing the brand colors of white and red. The opportunity to discover several old models that have marked the history of the French company, but also the new concept car of Oli!

Retromobile 2023: Citroen models on display

At the Citroën stand, we will have the opportunity to rediscover a Citroen C4 Torpedo from 1929, the most modern and comfortable model of its time, with high-quality suspension and floating engine. A Traction Avant Cabriolet from 1937 it will also pay tribute to the “Queen of the Road”, which was the first production car with front-wheel drive, a monocoque structure, hydraulic brakes and four-wheel suspension.

Copy of Citroen 2 CV 6 Club from 1990 will also be released: “everyone’s car” adopted a simple philosophy, and has become a legendary car that embodies the philosophy of Citroën cars. Not far from there, a Citroen Ami 6 Sedan from 1963 it pays homage to its famous rear, which has a revolutionary, split Z-line: this reversed rear window provided space for access to the boot.

The Citroen Dowry celebrates its 55th anniversary this year: a white model from 1972 will be on display for the occasion, with its lightweight body in thermoformed plastic, its canvas roof and its folding windscreen. The highest level, Citroen CX Prestige phase II from 1989 it will show its fluid lines, thin and very aerodynamic.

Retromobile 2023: Citroën Oli concept presented

A concept car from 1956 will also be on display: the Citroen C10, with a drop-shaped silhouette inspired by naval aeronautics, weighing only 382 kg and a record Cx of 0.258. Bold and compact, it is light and economical, and a rare technical development for its time.

The C10 will echo Citroën’s latest car, which will also be presented to the French public for the first time: the Citroen Oil it offers a taste of the brand’s future 100% electric models, and maintains Citroën’s spirit of a light, functional, flexible, compact and affordable space.

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Retromobile 2023: Citroen’s latest concept tank!

Finally, support the launch of “Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom” at the cinema, Citroën will also show on its stand a concept-tank specially developed for the needs of filming.

This model was created in record time by Citroën’s styling teams, and features a solid oak body inspired by the 2CV, a boar-bellied suspension and even a mysterious spray-painted headlights!

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