Clarksville moves ahead with eminent domain to acquire Colgate Clock

Clarksville moves ahead with eminent domain to acquire Colgate Clock

Washington D.C. is set to move forward with a plan to utilize eminent domain in order to acquire the Colgate Clock in Clarksville. The aim is to improve the aesthetic of the city and spur economic development within the area.

The Colgate Clock, originally erected in 1924, has been a beloved landmark for the city of Clarksville. It was originally commissioned by the Colgate-Palmolive Company, who wanted to showcase the clock in a prominent location. Although the clock has been well-maintained, it is in need of repairs that would bring it up to current standards.

City officials have determined that the most effective way to fund the restoration of the clock is by utilizing eminent domain to acquire the property. Under this approach, the city will pay fair market value for the property in order to gain ownership. This will allow the city to make the necessary repairs and improvements to the clock.

The city council has voted unanimously to approve the use of eminent domain, citing the potential economic benefits that could be gained from the restoration of the clock. Clarksville Mayor James Smith believes the move will be beneficial for the city, stating, “The Colgate Clock is a symbol of our city and has been for nearly a century. We believe that restoring it to its former glory will not only add to the city’s aesthetic, but also provide a boost to the local economy.”

Although the plan has been approved by the city council, the clock’s owner, Paul Jones, has stated that he does not wish to sell the property. Jones has indicated that he intends to pursue legal action if the city attempts to acquire the property through eminent domain. “This clock has been in my family for generations, and I do not intend to part with it,” Jones said.

Despite the opposition, the city of Clarksville is preparing to move forward with the eminent domain process. City officials hope that the restoration of the Colgate Clock will be successful and provide a much-needed boost to the local economy.