CLB Architects performs sensitive update of Wyoming house

CLB Architects performs sensitive update of Wyoming house

CLB Architects have executed a meticulous modernization of a house located in the picturesque Wyoming landscape. This ambitious project has entailed a skilful and sensitive update of the property, which has resulted in an exquisite residence that retains its rustic charm whilst also incorporating a contemporary flair.

The residence, which was originally constructed in the late 1960s, is situated on a sprawling plot of land that offers sweeping views of the surrounding countryside. CLB Architects worked diligently to preserve the character of the building, whilst also introducing various modern elements to the design.

The façade of the house was the first area to be addressed during the renovation. The architects decided to retain the original cedar siding but to replace the windows. The new windows were designed to be more energy efficient and to improve the thermal performance of the building.

The interior of the house was also subject to a full makeover. The architects opted to retain some of the original features of the house, such as the wooden paneling, but to replace the dated fixtures and fittings with modern alternatives.

The kitchen and bathroom were both given an extensive overhaul. The kitchen was redesigned to incorporate a larger island and a range of modern appliances. The bathroom was fitted with a contemporary bathtub and a stylish vanity unit.

Throughout the house, the architects used a combination of light and dark shades to create a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic. The natural wood flooring was also stained to a darker hue in order to increase the feeling of warmth and to provide a visual contrast.

CLB Architects have succeeded in creating a stunning home that pays homage to its rural roots whilst also offering a modern and luxurious feel. The successful renovation of this Wyoming house is testament to the skill and expertise of the firm.