Clear action for Europe: Start G80 in first attempt |

Clear action for Europe: Start G80 in first attempt |

With impressive design, state-of-the-art technology and advanced equipment, the elegant edition of Genesis is once again attacking the upper class. We drove a five-meter G80 sedan.

Hyundai Genesis subsidiary wants to re-establish itself in Europe. After trying to use the Hyundai Genesis between 2014 and 2017, a variety of models follow, ranging from the G70 mid-range range, which will also be available as the G70 Shooting Brake and GV70 SUV. The luxury class of G80 and GV80 SUV will start the summer of 2021. was able to try out the big sedan for the first time.

full car

Origin G80 is 4,995 mm long, 1,925 mm wide and 1,465 mm long. The elegant sedan is based on the third generation Generation platform. It weighs 110 kg less than its predecessor, as 19 percent of the G80 car body is made of aluminum. The wide crest grille dominates the front. It is surrounded by LED lights arranged one on top of the other. Quad lamps in particular ensure a seamless beginnings, extend to the front and can also be found in the back.

The 3,010 mm wheel allows for more space in a luxurious interior, which attracts nappa leather, clear wood and careful work. Thanks to Soft-Close, the doors close gently with electricity. A reclining driver’s seat with a massage function is fine, but the seating position is slightly higher. For this he adjusts according to the driving conditions, so it becomes strict with the sports driving style. The four-tone steering wheel in a smart pilot room has an amazingly compact design. As a special feature, there is also a spinning wheel for the gearbox, similar to the one the Jaguar had.

As soon as it progresses, the silence within the interior is impressive: it remains very quiet as long as it does not require much from four cylinders. Road noise and wind noise have also been silenced. In addition to deep insulation, acoustic glazing also ensures this. Not surprisingly, the driving behavior is designed for comfort despite speeding. Genesis is not the only driver’s car – the most comfortable part is on the right rear, as the car comes with all four optional packages. Along with the Executive package, the rear section becomes a lounge, with sliding seats with ventilation and heat, infotainment of the rear seats and a Lexicon sound system. For more comfort, the drive is supported by the Ride Inspection System. The flexible chassis works in conjunction with the front camera to effectively cover bumps on the road. This usually works very well, only with the adverse effect the sedan can be slightly shaken. Optional “20” wheels are racing on passable joints. In addition, the noise heard from the A-column area indicates that there is still room for improvement in terms of design.

engine + drive

The test drive is powered by a 2.5-liter four-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, which is mounted behind the front axle. It combines direct and multi-point injection more efficiently. Power of 224 kW (304 hp) should move at least 1930 kg. 8-speed automatic transmission and Start-up torque converter is responsible for transmitting a maximum torque power of 422 Nm. This changes well when driving normally, but has a negative impact on the rubber band when accelerating.

The rear-heavy operation of both wheels initially controls the rear wheels and, if necessary, facilitates a 50:50 split between the front and rear axles. Operating modes Eco, Comfort, Sport and Smart affect the steering wheel and shock absorbers as well as the sound response and transmission feedback. The factory specification of 0-100 km / h in 6 s seems reliable, the passage is pleasingly pleasing. During recovery the engine seems to have suffered a bit. Electronic intrusion takes place at 250 km / h. Reducing people on Genesis is not at all economical – consumption on our normal 100-kilometer cycle was 9.7 l Super, otherwise always more than 10 liters. of Europe. In some markets, however, Genesis also offers G80 battery-powered.

electricity + connection

Easy-to-read, transparent design: The 12.3’s digital instrument cluster provides an attractive 3D, high-quality and uncluttered 3D display. The Real Status is set up and displays a known operating system from Hyundai in HD. The infotainment system is powered by “Genesis Integrated Controller”. from German cars.Voice control works well for this.There is a minus point for the weather touch panel, which is very difficult to read in direct sunlight.

In the ADAS area, Genesis is very good and offers all the traditional systems in its class. Lane Change Assist, which shows the rear view via camera on the drive display, is very popular. Depending on the selection of the turn signal, a picture of the blind part is shown left or right. “Highway Driving Assist II” should enable automatic transition on the highway. However, the operation is not intuitive and the automatic change only works under certain parameters. The start can also be parked remotely, although this system was not yet fully tested.

Conclusion + criticism

Comfortable and fast transportation is the Genesis G80 domain that looks but is designed with symmetry. The elegant hatchback sedan also offers a lot of technology for very little money and has been updated with driver support systems. Four packages for Innovation, Comfort, Comfort Seat Package and Executive include LED matrix lamp, head display, Close functionality. for ventilation doors or rear seats. Unfortunately, Genesis will launch the elegant G90 sedan for higher demand.


  • Elegant, modern design
  • High quality, detailed equipment
  • Comfortable handling and interior acoustics


  • Only two four-cylinder engines to choose from
  • There is no hybridization / distribution of electricity in Europe
  • Excess weight and relatively high consumption


The starting price for the Genesis G80 is 46,900 euros. Our fully equipped test truck had a price list of 73,020 euros.

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