Climate activists storm the fair and vandalize cars

Climate activists storm the fair and vandalize cars

According to the report, on Saturday, October 29, 2022, around 11 am, the Munich police were informed that several people had entered the showroom area and were defiling several vehicles on display..

Several pieces were immediately posted on the site. A total of more than ten people were found there. Fourteen people was, according to the police, one hour The show car is stuck. Another person who was part of the group recorded the events.

Police are arresting climate activists – several cars at BMW World have been painted

up Twitter shows a video of Protest group “Rebellion of Scientists” action. Several activists fold a banner in the BMW World showroom BMW M8 bonus then stick one hand on the car. In addition, there are several cars in the showroom and one a black sticky substance contaminated and destroyed, writes the police. According to estimates, the damage is equal to several tens of thousands of euros.

Around 3 pm, people were taken out of the car and were to be arrested. According to the police, all the suspects were brought to the police headquarters for processing. Against 14 people will be due Trespassing, damage to property and breach of the Bavarian Parliament Act to decide. According to their own statement, the group wanted the action to be taken Call for “rapid decarbonisation of the transport sector”.

Because a fire alarm the building had been temporarily evacuated by visitors and staff. The fire brigade that was notified found that there was no fire. Criminal abuse of the fire alarm system is currently taken here and is consistent an investigation has been launched, according to the police. In particular, it is questioned how and by whom the alarm was caused. The investigation is leading Munich criminal police. It is said that more than 40 police officers were involved in the operation.