Commissioners Pick Infinity for Next Phase of Courthouse Renovation

Commissioners Pick Infinity for Next Phase of Courthouse Renovation

The Board of Commissioners has chosen Infinity Contractors, Inc. to spearhead the next phase of the courthouse renovation. This selection reflects the Commissioners’ commitment to providing exemplary services to the public and to preserving the historic features of the courthouse.

Infinity Contractors, Inc. will be responsible for refurbishing the exterior and interior of the building, restoring the century-old façade, and installing a new ventilation system. The company has demonstrated considerable expertise in executing similar projects, and the Commissioners are confident that their workmanship and attention to detail will be of the highest standard.

The renovation is expected to take at least one year to complete and will involve a significant expenditure. The Commissioners have taken their responsibility to the taxpayers seriously, and have implemented a competitive bidding process to ensure that the highest quality services are provided at the best possible price.

Infinity Contractors, Inc. is well-known for their proficiency in executing complex, technically demanding projects. The company’s impressive portfolio of successful projects, combined with their commitment to maintaining a safe work environment and to meeting tight deadlines, makes them the perfect choice for this challenging endeavor.

The Board of Commissioners is confident that Infinity Contractors, Inc. will provide the expertise and dedication necessary to ensure that the courthouse renovation is a success. The project will undoubtedly be a lengthy and costly endeavor, but the Commissioners are confident that it will ultimately be of great benefit to the public.