Companies and Markets – BMW 2 Series Active Tourer ex is currently operating on Vredestein

Companies and Markets – BMW 2 Series Active Tourer ex is currently operating on Vredestein

Vredestein Ultrac as the original BMW 2 Series Active Tourer tires. Photo: Authors Union Mobility / Vredestein

2 Series Active Tourer from BMW will come out of production line with Vredestein tires as a real device. Both companies announced this. Tires in the Ultrac range are manufactured at the Apollo Tires factory in Hungary and are available in three sizes by Active Tourer. The tires are marked with a star on the side wall as a sign that it is a recommended product for the BMW Group.

BMW and Apollo worked closely on further tire development. The most important features were support for driving dynamics, low rolling resistance and improved fuel efficiency. As a result, Ultrac tires provide 15 percent better grip in dry and wet conditions compared to their predecessors. This is the result of an improved tire socket with a square touch patch, a more rigid tread pattern and a more sophisticated mid-sided edge with the corresponding peripheral ends, which together improve the responsiveness and precision of operating in a safer and more flexible driving environment. car. Reducing the instability resistance by 5% should reduce fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions. According to Apollo Tires, the ratio of silica compounds and resins that stabilize tension in the Ultrac tire has been increased by 50 percent compared to its predecessor to achieve the best 10% brake suspension effect on dry and wet surfaces. Shock absorption and noise reduction are improved by low peak height, improved lateral wall construction and extended flexion belt. In addition, the arrangement of tread blocks for different tire dimensions has been improved to increase acoustic comfort.

Aside from natural materials, Vredestein Ultrac tires in the future will also be available on the rear market and for BMW dealers. (aum / av)


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