Connect Ford Tourneo.  A respectable station wagon.  Diesel and AWD

Connect Ford Tourneo. A respectable station wagon. Diesel and AWD

Ford Tourneo Connect is a representative of a very interesting segment of estate cars. This is a type that still holds up well in the market. He has established himself in his niche and is unlikely to say goodbye to us in the near future. After all, small and simple cars will always be needed for comfortable driving, for example, around the city. Their civilian versions also have their supporters, which should not be surprising. It’s hard to find a more practical car. With compact dimensions, the station wagon has legs and a head, the number of storage compartments and the trunk puts other cars to shame. They have definitely gone out of style, but are still a great recommendation for large families. More reviews of new cars can be found on the homepage.

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Likewise on the highway. Authority 2.5 thousand PLN for a BMW driver

Ford Tourneo Connect, a diesel kombi with AWD drive

Kombivans are also changing and are affected by market trends. Manufacturers are increasingly limiting the diesel part of their offer or abandoning it altogether. In return, of course, electric cars appear, but this is not a substitute for a family car (and not only) for long trips. Diesel engines are still the best in this role. With a diesel engine under the hood of an estate car, you can carry several people and their luggage and start an economical journey to the other end of Poland and Europe.

Cars of this type often go to lovers of more active entertainment. They can cope with bicycles, skis, boards, etc. Ford Tourneo Connect recently came to the editorial office, which will do very well in this role. If looking at the picture reminds you of another car, you hit the jackpot. The new Tourneo was created on the basis of the Volkswagen Caddy. Although the Tourneo hides under heavy makeup, it is technically a twin.

That’s good news. First of all, Volkswagen knows about combi vans and has prepared a nice car piece. Second, both cars still have several engine options to choose from. Under the bonnet, the Tourneo Connect can be powered by a 2.0 EcoBlue (true German TDI) with 102 or 122 hp. Interestingly, the most powerful version can be equipped with AWD, which is a rarity in this class. AWD ensures confident driving in changing conditions. The system can determine how much torque to send to each axle. The effect? Exceptional grip and excellent stability.

Connect Ford Tourneo photo by Tomasz Okurowski

Ford Tourneo Connect diesel – how much does it cost?

The price depends on the selected version. Ford Tourneo Connect measures 450 in the basic version and up to 485 centimeters in L2. In both cases, the width and height are the same. These are 186.5 and 183 cm respectively. It is important that the load capacity exceeds 750 kg, and the maximum weight of the trailer is 1.5 tons. Trunk? At 2,556 and 3,105 liters respectively, the Tourneo can be ordered with five or seven seats. We checked the prices in the current price list:

  • 2.0 ECOBLUE – 102 HP M6 FWD – from PLN 124,920 for the short version and from PLN 127,920 for the long version
  • 2.0 ECOBLUE – 122 KM M6 FWD – from PLN 127,920 for the short version and from PLN 130,920 for the long version
  • 2.0 ECOBLUE – 122 KM A7 FWD – from PLN 133,920 for the short version and from PLN 136,920 for the long version
  • 2.0 ECOBLUE – 122 HP M6 AWD – from PLN 137,920 for the short version and from PLN 140,920 for the long version

Connect Ford Tourneo

Connect Ford Tourneo photo by Tomasz Okurowski

Ford Tourneo Connect diesel – driving experience

Advertised consumption ranges from 4.8-5.3 to 5.3-5.7 l/100 km in the AWD version. In the editorial office, we had the opportunity to drive the 122-horsepower Tourneo with 4×4 drive, as well as a FWD version with an automatic transmission. The diesel, thanks to the high torque (320 Nm available from 1600 rpm) allows a pleasant driving experience. It also does not lose breath on the highway and can overtake trucks effectively. Combustion? We got eight liters on the highway. Very good results for such a car.

On the highway at 140 km / h the cabin gets a little noisy, but it’s still good. However, the wind speed must be taken into account. The shape of the body means that leaving behind muted screens should strengthen our collection. In addition to highways and highways, fuel consumption is significantly reduced and can be reached at the declared values.

Ford Ranger Raptor

Ford Tourneo Connect – practicality and equipment

The maximum loading space of the short Ford is 2.6 cubic meters, while the long one is 3.1 cubic meters. The quality of the finishing materials is the car ceiling with a utility nature. Most of the material is stiff, but it’s all well folded. When driving on uneven surfaces, it is difficult to detect disturbing sounds. In the long run, we will appreciate the profile seats with AGR certificate. Sitting behind the wheel is a pleasure, and we can access many services nearby.

You have to get used to using the main screen transferred from Volkswagen. In the basic version, it is 8.25 inches, and optionally up to 10 inches. The menu is wide and some icons are very small. If we don’t like a lot of help in the form of Start&Stop and Lane Assist systems, every time we start the engine we have to click several times to turn off these systems. The rest is quite clear. In front of our eyes we have the usual arrangement of instruments and a small computer display on the board. A set of digital clocks with different graphics is available as an option.

Connect Ford TourneoConnect Ford Tourneo picture. Charlie Magee

Ford Tourneo Connect – reviews, overview

I am well aware that in the age of crossovers and SUVs, conventional minivans, let alone estate cars, are no longer needed. However, if you are not inspired by style, and on the list of the most important features of the car you have practical features in the first place, it is definitely worth taking a trip in one of the latest combi vans. The Ford Tourneo Connect is a successful and versatile vehicle. It can be a perfect alternative to compact and medium class minivans. The biggest advantage is definitely the diesel engine and the AWD drive. Soon such a connection will be just a memory. The car for the test was loaned by Ford Polska.