Controversy over classified documents – Trump turns on the Supreme Court

Controversy over classified documents – Trump turns on the Supreme Court

The former President of the United States Donald Trump has turned to the Supreme Court of the country in a dispute regarding the evaluation of the seized secret documents. Trump’s lawyers filed an appeal with the Supreme Court on Tuesday (local time) to challenge the lower court’s decision. The primary question is who has access to the nearly 100 classified documents seized. The US government is trying to decriminalize the dispute over document management, Trump’s lawyers wrote.

The Department of Justice now has until next week to respond to the action. Trump’s action is preceded by legal tension through the authorities. In early August, the Federal Police FBI searched Trump’s mansion in the US state of Florida. The FBI confiscated various classified documents, some of which were highly classified. According to the law, this material should be given to the National Archives. Among the thousands of documents, according to the FBI, there were 100 documents marked as confidential. By keeping the documents in his private home after leaving office, he could make himself impeachable.

At the end of September, the US Department of Justice had achieved an important breakthrough in court. The Court of Appeal ruled that investigators can continue to use some of the seized documents for their work. It overturned the Florida court’s decision. This originally prohibited detectives from using documents marked confidential as long as an impartial reviewer hired on the case, Raymond Dearie, handled the documents.

As part of the appeals court’s decision, the special inspector was denied access to documents marked confidential. Trump’s lawyers have now filed a petition with the Supreme Court to allow Examiner Dearie to examine the documents. They say that during his tenure as President, Trump had full authority to cancel documents. Therefore, the score alone cannot determine whether a document is still classified or whether Trump has released it. Therefore, a special investigator must be able to access and investigate these questions.

Trump’s team is also arguing highly technical questions about federal court jurisdiction. If the Supreme Court approves the request, investigators could be denied access to all or some of the classified documents. Experts also assume that the Trump team is speculating that it will have an advantage with the lower court regarding the possibility of disputed documents. In this way, they could hope that the legal dispute over the classification of documents would be decided in favor of the special examiner and not the government. Observers also rated Trump’s approach to the US Supreme Court as another attempt by the former president to prolong the process.

Trump overestimates skills

Trump has criticized the investigation against him as politically motivated and accused his opponents of trying to prevent him from running for president again. He denies all the allegations. In a recent interview, the Republican even claimed that the president of the United States can release classified documents just by saying – or just thinking about it. In fact, there is a formal process for issuing documents, and several formal steps. The release should also have taken place during Trump’s term in office, not later.

After receiving Trump’s request, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on the case first asked the Justice Department to provide an answer before October 11. Recently, Thomas made headlines through his wife’s relationship with Trump. Virginia “Ginni” Thomas is a conservative activist and a staunch Trump supporter. According to media reports, after Trump’s defeat in the 2020 presidential election, he is said to have contacted the White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, and election officials in the US states of Arizona and Wisconsin to take action against the election results. that. .

The Supreme Court is currently the most targeted in the United States. During his tenure, Trump was able to appoint three justices to the Supreme Court, thus leading the court to justice for a long time. Currently, six of the nine justices are right wing, including Clarence Thomas. According to surveys, public confidence in the judiciary has recently decreased significantly. The reason for this was, among other things, the Supreme Court’s historic decision to overturn the right to abortion. (or, dpa)