Conversation with Montana’s poet laureate Mark Gibbons set in Virginia City |

Conversation with Montana’s poet laureate Mark Gibbons set in Virginia City |

In a recent conversation with Montana’s Poet Laureate, Mark Gibbons, set in Virginia City, the writer explored the multi-faceted artistry of the esteemed literary figure. From writing and performing to teaching, Gibbons has dedicated his life to the craft of poetry, and his presence in Montana has been invaluable.

When asked about his writing process, Gibbons replied that he does not adhere to any set rules. He believes that poetry should come to him naturally, and that any technical rules should not be a constraint. He further elaborated that he values the freedom he has to explore various topics within his work.

When it comes to his performances, Gibbons revealed that his process is very different than his writing process. He explained that he often draws on his experiences to craft his performances, which he believes is more effective than a scripted piece. He added that his performances require a great deal of practice and discipline, as he must be able to control his own emotions while also conveying them to his audience.

Gibbons’ impact on Montana’s literary landscape is undeniable. He has taught poetry courses at the University of Montana and has been a mentor to many aspiring writers. He believes that poetry has the power to open minds and to create a sense of understanding between people. He asserted that poetry is an essential tool for self-reflection and for developing a connection with others.

In his capacity as Poet Laureate, Gibbons hopes to cultivate an appreciation for poetry in all of Montana’s residents. He stated that he is dedicated to creating a supportive environment for writers, and to helping to spread the message that poetry is accessible to everyone. He concluded by stressing the importance of reading and writing poetry and of having a greater appreciation for the art form.

It is clear that Mark Gibbons has made a lasting impact on Montana’s literary community. His commitment to the craft of poetry, his dedication to teaching, and his passion for performance make him a one-of-a-kind artist. His words and works will continue to inspire generations of poets to come.