CORRECTED-VW’s Skoda sees higher car production in 2023, says board member

CORRECTED-VW’s Skoda sees higher car production in 2023, says board member

Skoda, the Czech-based automobile manufacturer owned by Volkswagen (VW), is anticipating heightened production levels in 2023, according to a statement made by a board member.

Having posted an impressive 5.1 percent jump in global sales in 2020, Skoda is now expecting to capitalize on the surge in demand for cars over the next three years.

The board member, whose identity has not been revealed, declared that the company is poised to take advantage of the increasing demand for its four- and five-door vehicles, in addition to its SUVs, by boosting production. This should result in a greater number of vehicles being sold in 2023 than in the preceding year.

The board member further stated that Skoda is focusing on developing cutting-edge technologies and manufacturing processes, in order to increase its production efficiency. This includes the deployment of robots and automation systems in order to streamline the production process, while also ensuring the highest quality of output.

In addition to increased production, Skoda is also looking to expand its presence in Europe and beyond. The company has already launched its first electric vehicle in the Czech Republic, and plans to continue introducing more of its models in the upcoming years.

Skoda has become one of the most successful brands in the Volkswagen stable, with a significant rise in sales in 2020, and it looks set to capitalize on the growth in automotive demand in 2023. With the company expecting higher production levels and a greater presence in the international market, it appears that Skoda is well-positioned to make a major impact on the global automotive scene.