Corvette driver parks in 2 parking spaces – consumers understand

Corvette driver parks in 2 parking spaces – consumers understand

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Corvette driver is being defended on Reddit despite being stopped in two parking lots. Users see an error with the parking lot operator.

Finding a good parking space is not so easy. Either because everything is parked or other drivers are not very accurate with markings and block several parking spaces at the same time. Especially in the last case, the confusion is often great. But there is another way, as a post on Reddit shows.

User “Adam_Exists” has a photo of one parked in a parking garage Chevrolet Corvette – which will soon be electric – divided. So far, so unspectacular. However, the sports car appears to be in two parking spaces. “He parked like this and then went on vacation,” Adam_Exisit wrote in a post on the subreddit that was a little annoying.

Whether the Corvette is wrong or right is not entirely clear.

© Reddit (Adam_Exists)

The Corvette driver parks in two parking spaces – and they are secured

However, if you look closely at the photo, it quickly becomes clear that the driver of the Corvette may not have stopped in two parking spaces on purpose. The wheel block – which is widely used in the USA – is installed in such a way that it is on both parking spaces. A fact that has not been hidden from Reddit users as well: “The incorrect placement of the parking lot is more annoying than the parking process.” In addition, the driver of the Corvette seems to find one of the few parking spaces where the wheel center is located. not centered.

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Corvette drivers park in two positions – “I can imagine that I feel the same way”

And the lines of the two parking lots are hard to discern. For another user it is clear that the Corvette driver is not at fault here: “This is the fault of those who failed in the design and/or maintenance of parking spaces. It seems they are trying to be cheap and use a two seat threshold. I can well imagine that I feel the same way. Should I follow the worn and faded lines or the same level as any parking lot I have ever seen in my life?” Many users have similar views and assume that the owner race car he did nothing wrong. “I agree and add ‘This happens a lot in this parking lot,'” adds one Reddit user.

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Editor’s note: This article has already appeared before. He really attracted many readers. That’s why we’re releasing it again.

However, the response to such parking maneuvers is not always positive. In the United States a man took revenge on a parking offender in a surprising way. And in England the BMW driver got an angry letter because he was standing on the side of the road. And Reddit user “Adam_Exists” is just a little upset, too, because he understands that the parking lot may have confused the owner of the sports car.

Rubric list image: © Reddit (Adam_Exists)

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