Corvette e-Ray: Chevrolet gives sports cars an electric drive

Corvette e-Ray: Chevrolet gives sports cars an electric drive

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From: Simon Mones

In the future, the Corvette will be purely electric. At this time, Chevrolet only offers a hybrid car with the name E-Ray.

It’s up to the trap manager Matthias Malmedie, Corvette C8 is “a very good car”. Opinions that one should share in Chevrolet. But even for an American sports car, they are Signs of the future and electromobility. And it starts with the Corvette E-Ray.

However, it is only the first step towards an electric car, because Chevrolet will be a mid-engine sports car. Corvette C8 it will also be available with hybrid storage in the future. A 502-hp 6.2-liter V8 with an eight-speed automatic is then assisted by a 163-horsepower electric motor on the front axle.

Corvette is getting a hybrid from Chevrolet for its 70th anniversary. ©Chevrolet

Corvette E-Ray: Chevrolet is giving the sports car an electric car for its 70th anniversary

The total output of the all-wheel drive called eAWD is 664 hp (488 kW). Thanks to the addition of electricity, the E-Ray can run from start to 100 km / h in less than three seconds – a new record in the long history of the Corvette. And that has now been extended over 70 years.

It is not surprising, then, that people approach the topic of mobility slowly rather than building an e-sportsman immediately. You can really go far with the electric one Corvette C8 but no, the battery is only 1.9 kWh. Chevrolet has not specified the exact range.

Corvette E-Ray: only electric in stealth mode – up to 72 km / h

The Corvette E-Ray battery is charged only by recovery. There is no external payment option. As soon as the battery is empty, the V8 engine automatically takes over to drive the sports car. The same applies to speed. Up to 72 km / h it is possible to drive the car only on electricity in stealth mode, switching to the combustion engine.

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The Corvette E-Ray will be available in the US starting in the second half of the year. Prices for the coupe start at around 96,600 euros, for the cabriolet around 103,000 euros. In Europe it should start at 160,000 euros, assuming A picture of the car. Standard equipment on the E-Ray version includes Brembo’s Magnetic Ride Control suspension and carbon-ceramic brakes. (With material from SP-X)