Cost and actual use: Audi RS Q8 TFSI Quattro

Cost and actual use: Audi RS Q8 TFSI Quattro

How can a 600 hp V8 turbo SUV be used economically and at what cost in everyday life? We tried it and calculated it.

Following the laws of physics, the Audi RS Q8 standard cars are not cheap when it comes to cost. 600 hp, four-liter transfer, 2.4 tons free load and minimum acceleration rates of less than four seconds are usually the guarantee of many tank times with high tariffs and insurance costs. Especially when the car is fun as our experimental editor Clemens Hirschfeld proves. After the experiment, he wonders if Albert Einstein was wrong about his physical theories, given all the operating dynamics that the RS Q8 shows thanks to all-wheel drive, rear-axle steering and electromechanical roll reinforcement. But does a positive attitude still exist when you look at consumer characteristics and cost equity for yourself?

Our use of test

Audi notes the standard 13.2 liter WLTP usage for its advanced SUV model. In the experiment, this turns out to be 14.1 liters of Super Plus, which results in a fuel cost of 28.34 euros per 100 kilometers. At 10.4 liters, Eco consumption is less than the WLTP standard; equivalent to the required fuel per 100 km drops to 20.90 euros. Sport driving model reduces consumption to 17.5 liters and fuel cost is 35.16 euros per 100 km. These values ​​are calculated using the current fuel price on our partner website (03.06.2022 / Super Plus: euro 2.01 / liter).

Achim Hartmann

Experimental use is 70% from passenger cycle and 15% for each Eco and Sport.

Monthly maintenance costs

As with any other car, car taxes are levied year after year on the Audi RS Q8. They cost 776 euros for a large sports SUV. According to Allianz Direct, liability insurance costs 479 euros at the same time. The slightest improvement adds another 326 euros. An additional 1,145 euros is appropriate for such a full policy. The bottom line is that the monthly maintenance costs amount to 708 euros if the RS Q8 is driven 15,000 kilometers per year. If the mileage doubles, Audi will cost 1,284 euros a month. We omit the value loss in this calculation.

Audi RS Q8 cost and actual use

Achim Hartmann

The Audi RS Q8 in the trim of the test car costs 141,500 euros. The base is available from 133,000 euros.

This is how it is tested

The experimental use of cars and sports includes three applications of different weights. The so-called “passenger use” contributes 70 percent. This is a journey from home to work, which is approximately 21 km. Economically in particular, approximately 275 km-lap is included in the estimate by 15 percent. sports driver. The height is approximately the same as the Eco cycle, but the route includes a large section of road and thus a higher average speed. The basis for calculating fuel costs is always the price quoted on the website “beyond tanken” on the day the article was created.

Monthly maintenance costs include maintenance, partial costs and vehicle taxes based on the estimated annual mileage of 15,000 and 30,000 miles without loss of value. The calculation is based on probationary use, three years of detention, SF12 grade of non-liability and comprehensive insurance by Allianz Direct, including discounts for garage parking and restrictions for certain drivers (km 15,000 without accidents / annual. / Resident in the area of ​​postal code 70174 / not less than 21 / co-driver over 25 years).

Audi RS Q8, out



The Audi RS Q8 with a powerful 600 hp 4.0-liter V8 turbo petrol engine costs at least 133,000 euros and consumes an average of 14.1 liters, which includes fuel costs of 28.34 euros per 100 km. Monthly maintenance costs are 708 euros per mile. annual 15,000 miles. If this increases to 30,000 kilometers, the amount per month increases to 1,284 euros.

Technical tests

Audi RS Q8
base price € 133,000
external measurements 5012x1998x1694mm
stem volume 605 to 1755L
shift / engine 3996 cm³ / cylinder 8
performance 441 kW / 600 hp for 6000 rpm
high speed 250km / h
0-100km / h 3.5s
use 12.1L / 100km
use of the test 14.1L / 100km

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