Could the Dodge Challenger Black Ghost resemble its granddaddy?

Could the Dodge Challenger Black Ghost resemble its granddaddy?

This Black Ghost is the top scorer in a series of seven special Dodge Challengers. Dodge offers seven versions together under the name Last Call. With this, the brand says goodbye to the nightmare of Pirellis, Michelins and Bridgestones, among others. Why are we singling out this particular Contestant? Because this is a true tribute to the old Challenger.

The original Black Ghost of the 1970s, like this Challenger, has a roof that looks like crocodile skin. They also used the same retro white stripes on the back. Despite these similarities, the new Dodge Challenger Black Ghost is a successful thrill ride with the same character as the original.

Specifications of Dodge Challenger Black Ghost

The old Challenger had a 7.0 liter Hemi V8 engine. On paper, he had 425 Americans total horsepower, but in reality that was closer to 470 horsepower. For the record, we are now talking about the 1970s. It was almost unthinkable at that time that an engine could produce more than one horsepower per cubic inch of displacement (7.0 liters is 426 cubic inches). The old challenge Black Ghost pulled away; the question therefore is to what extent the modern black spirit pushes the boundaries.

Finally, a 6.2-liter Hemi came in that produced 818 horsepower. Maybe that’s why Dodge puts 11-inch wide wheels with six-piston Brembos on them. Conclusion: Does this Dodge Challenger Black Ghost have enough to honor the Elderly Dodge Challenger Black Ghost? The only answer to that is yes. But according to Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis, it could be even more extreme: “Dodge Challenger Black Ghost is a preview of what we will reveal with our seventh and final version of this model.” We will see the car in early November.