Crazy: 15.7 liter Y-12 rotary engine (video)

Crazy: 15.7 liter Y-12 rotary engine (video)

When it comes to engines, after almost 140 years, the car industry has agreed on a standard configuration. Inline engines, V-engines and boxer engines are the only types that are still widely used.

Only the Volkswagen Group is still focused on the VR and WR lineup, while the original W and U are long out of date. However, YouTuber and Mazda tuning expert Rob Dahm now has his hands on an unusual letter: the Y book.

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Route Y-12

The previously untested arrangement has three four-disc rotary engines in one block, with the middle one placed further down. Seen from the front, the bike is reminiscent of the well-known Mickey Mouse logo. The result is a 15.7 liter Y-12 that revs to 10,000 rpm and produces about 1400 horsepower on regular gasoline. However, plans for racing fuel and a set of big turbos are already there.

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A brutal gem

Y-12 is the brainchild of one Tyson Garvin. A superman built a colossus to drive a powerful boat. Garvin was completely fed up with Chevrolet’s big eight-cylinder, in his opinion. If a very complex, never-before-seen engine is the best alternative, we leave the middle ground. The truth is that Garvin’s creation is a brutal gem.

2000+ horsepower

Garvin has lent the exclusive block to Rob Dahm to make a video series about it. The first item on the agenda is to increase the performance of Y-12. Monster will definitely break the 2000 hp barrier with a set of turbos, better fuel and better tuning. We can’t wait.