CREDIT SUISSE: Tesla “buy” –

CREDIT SUISSE: Tesla “buy” –

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Thursday, 07/14/22 2:30 pm

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20220714 – ZURICH (dpa-AFX Analyzer) – Swiss bank Credit Suisse downgraded Tesla ahead of quarterly data to “Outperform” with a price target of US$1000. The electric car maker is expected to report earnings per share of $1.31, below the consensus estimate of $1.86, analyst Dan Levy wrote in a research note issued Thursday. He takes the lower limits. In addition, there are probably value adjustments on unspecified Bitcoin ownership Research Note: Information on the obligation to provide information in the event of conflicts of interest within the meaning of Article 85 (1) WpHG, Article 20 VO (EU) 596 /2014 of the said analytical company can be found at /disclosure_duty/disclosure_duty.html.

Source: dpa-AFX Analyzer

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