Crime on the camp increased: Saxon police give safety tips

Crime on the camp increased: Saxon police give safety tips


From 28 May 2023, 12:00 pm

Summer vacation starts in a few weeks. Many Saxons plan a holiday in a mobile home or in a campsite. But judging by the figures from the Saxon crime statistics, the fear continues. According to the police, there were 25 percent more crimes in the camp in 2022 than the previous year. Most of them were stolen. For a safe camping season in 2023, police have put together some important safety tips for campers.

There is also a “crime scene camp” for the Saxon police. As the authorities announced, there were a total of 254 crimes registered at the Saxon camps in 2022 – an increase of 25 percent compared to the previous year. About three quarters of the crimes were thefts and damages totaling 332,541 euros. That was almost 90,000 euros more than the previous year.

Unfortunately, thieves and thieves are also attracted to modern camping vehicles, expensive bicycles or other quality items from caravans and tents.

State and federal police crime prevention

Expensive bicycles and pedelecs are fashionable among thieves

The reason for the increase in theft damage According to the police, these are mobile homes and high-end bicycles that are popular with residents and thieves. Bicycles and pedelecs are the most frequently stolen. Only 29 thefts (about 15 percent) could be eliminated and 25 suspects, some repeat offenders, are identified, it said. In addition, the Saxon police investigated property damage and bodily harm. Their crime rates were 7.5 and 6.7 percent.

A fun camping holiday like here at the old campsite in Leipzig includes many facilities. Items of great value can also attract thieves. (memory photo)
Image rights: MDR/Lily Meyer

“Unfortunately, thieves and burglars are also attracted to modern camping vehicles, expensive bicycles or other high-quality items from caravans and tents,” warned the Central Bureau of Crime Prevention Service of the Federal and State Police before the summer of 2023. a target for fraudsters or thieves”. A short absence is enough.

Here’s what police advise for a safe camping holiday

Important safety tips for mobile home trips or tent holidays, police are putting them online before the summer of 2023.

MDR SACHSEN lists six important points:• Protect the mobile home with an alarm system and install a safe.
• After exiting, pull the ignition key, close the windows, doors, boot lid, sunroof and fuel filler cap.
• Flush suspected tent thieves with a bag alarm. He gives a warning sound when you pull on the leash.
• Only stop at official campsites, no “wild camping”.
• Additionally secure the two wheels to the bike racks and locks.
• Pack copies of identity cards and vehicle papers separately in your luggage and dial the emergency number 116116 to block your bank card.

Owners of luxury mobile homes should have a monitoring system. With his help, the police found a Fiat Ducato worth 44,000 euros last year. According to the police, the car was stolen in Dresden-Hellerau. Thanks to tracking, it was later secured in the Czech Republic by the local police.

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