Criticism of drivers after accident crash: “Driving standards are just ridiculous”

Criticism of drivers after accident crash: “Driving standards are just ridiculous”

( – Saturday’s DTM race at Norisring Stadium, where only 11 of the 27 cars crossed the finish line, caused action and entertainment for fans with its many accidents and driving tricks – but also caused trouble for many. drivers, who were victims of collisions (click here for race report).

Norisring Madness began in the first corner


Even an experienced Abt-Audi driver Rene Rast, who somehow managed to finish third, said at the end of ‘ProSieben’: “I have run a lot in my career, but I have rarely seen much chaos.”

Rosberg-Audi co-worker Nico Müller, who suffered a concussion at first and was forced to retire, at the same time harshly criticizes his colleagues. “The driving standards we see out there right now are ridiculous,” says Switzerland.

“Once the lights go out, they go crazy …”

“Everyone should know that you will not win the race in the first corner, but it seems to happen again and again,” continues the 30-year-old, who has been driving a DTM since 2014. “As soon as they see the lights go out they go crazy I don’t know what to say – it’s all disappointing. “

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His car was “broken down everywhere,” he explains – and he thinks the fans “didn’t deserve the kind of show”. Defending champion Maximilian Götz, who finished sixth, is proud of ‘ProSieben’ for having “a car with fewer scratches”. And he agrees with Müller that most pilots went too far.

Götz on stock car status: “Punishment without end”

“We don’t have a stock car, but that’s what it was at some point,” said the Winward Mercedes local hero. “They stop at every corner, pushing cars deliberately, not intentionally, but if the driver knows what’s going on, they just push cars on the wall. It has to be said that today’s race was not good.”

Those pilots who rely on the same style of driving “must be held accountable, and I have already said there must be endless punishment,” he says, demanding results. He was also “rarely on the wall”. “I was also pushed, pushed in – and kicked in the back.”

That was not “good advertising” for DTM, because some of the cars “were not slightly damaged, they were really damaged”. “That should not be.”

damage in the millions

Another person who also finished fifth was a Schubert-BMW driver Philipp Eng. “It was brutal,” says the Austrian after the race. And above all it criticizes the behavior of other colleagues when starting again. “The road was very rough. Everyone hit someone’s car. It’s part of the game, I drive hard too, but I found it a little late today.”

Moreover, not only did some drivers experience discomfort in the race due to events beyond their control, but also serious property damage. Some locals estimate the cost of an accident concert for several million euros, which is also due to the fact that mechanics have to do extra work. All of this is not easy for individual teams to handle.