Cupra Born 58 kWh – TEST.  The best chapter of the MEB forum

Cupra Born 58 kWh – TEST. The best chapter of the MEB forum

Sharing a single build within a group works well. Be that as it may, but the Volkswagen group has been working this way for years and it’s doing quite well. After all, Golf, Octavia, A3 and Leon are a close family – although very different in character and reception. The same goes for this car. Cupra Born may be similar to Volkswagen ID.3, but it is very different from it, which can be felt after the first kilometers. And this is really good news.

Cupra was born – TEST. OK, just better (well, almost)

Let’s start with the important issue, which is the driving experience. Get behind the wheel Cup I had absolutely zero expectations. I thought that apart from the badge, a slightly different style and a few minor changes, I would get the familiar Volkswagen ID.3.

No, that is wrong thinking. In fact the Spaniards kept their work, insisting on minor adjustments. What does it mean? First of all, Born got a shorter steering ratio and a stiffer suspension. Here, optional shock absorbers were added, from which we can choose the “hardness” level.

In addition, we have the driving mode switch under the thumbs. On the left side we can select all, and on the right side we turn on the CUPRA sports mode and the e-Boost function, thanks to which we get 231 instead of 204 hp in a short time.

You can feel the difference on the road

I was very surprised by the capabilities of this car. The Born Cupra not only handles corners well, but can also provide a bit of fun to drive. All thanks to the rear-wheel drive and electronics that allow controlled entertainment.

No, the Cupra Born does not have skid mode, but it can throw back

And it does it very nicely, even though the electronics are used up quickly. It is easy to throw it evenly on wet asphalt, because then in ESC Sport mode the response is the most delayed. On the other hand, in the snow, the ESC works very carefully and almost does not allow the car to turn slightly.

Pity, because if Cupra were tempted to “release” this car, many people would appreciate the fact that even an ordinary electrician can be happy. Unfortunately – this is becoming apolitical.

The birth looks good

While Volkswagen ID.3 is futuristic, but also looks “bland”, Cupra looks more interesting. Spanish designers took into account many characteristic details that distinguish this car.

So it is worth paying attention to the design of the elements on the front bumper, embossing on the C-pillars and side skirts. The rear spoiler is also eye-catching and definitely makes this car stand out. The 20-inch rims with the “Blizzard” design are perfect here, but they’re just asking for damage to the curbs. Tire width is insignificant, which makes it easy to damage in normal urban use.

Cupra Born 58 kWh TEST

The interior is lovely – although it’s safe to say that here you can feel the connection and identity.3. Cupra changed the look of the center tunnel (we have a large collapsible glove box with an armrest) and added better materials to the dashboard. The sides of the armrests are pleasant to the touch, but their upper parts are, unfortunately, crude plastic that does not look very good.

In terms of practicality, it also does not disappoint

There is no shortage of storage here – in the front we have a spare space near the cup holders and under the armrest. There are also pockets on the doors (unfortunately without finishing the group) and a large room in front of the passenger.

Trunk? 385 liters is enough for everyday use, and one large suitcase fits here without hesitation if necessary.

Travel comfort is very good, especially thanks to the comfortable “bucket” seats. It’s a pity that they don’t have lumbar adjustment – many people can’t.

On the other hand, two adults can sit comfortably on the back sofa, although the legs will be slightly raised. This is the charm of getting the battery under the floor, which makes the cabin a little higher.

Cupra Born 58 kWh e-Boost – TEST. It might be bad, but…

The 58 kWh battery is a good compromise between a solid range for everyday use and the ability to cover long distances in a comfortable way. First of all, even at low temperatures (from -4 to +2 degrees Celsius), energy consumption remained at a very good level.

In the city, the average consumption reached 22-25 kWh, which can be considered a good result – more so that with a little passion, it will be possible to “take” 2 kWh from this result. In the summer it will be easier to find better values.

On the road, the Cupra is completely restrained, especially at 120 km / h. Such a speed means that we can cover up to 260-280 kilometers on the highway between charges.

And these are very fast as long as the battery is at the right temperature. In the current climate, I have not been able to get a charge power higher than 55 kWh – even despite the “preconditioning” of the battery. Theoretically, in the best case, the Born should draw electricity with a power of 120 kW.

at 100 km/h: 16,2 kWh/100 km
at 120 km/h: 21,3 kWh/100 km
at 140 km/h: 28,7 kWh/100 km
in the city: 19-25 kWh/100 km

Yes, there is also a version with a 77 kWh battery

However, it is worth remembering that it is heavier. And that means sprinting to 100 km/h, which takes 6.6 seconds here in Cupra mode, will take much longer there.

Does this car have any limitations? Of course – and one of them is very annoying

This may be the reason why many people may cross this car off their wish list. And we are talking about multimedia.

Volkswagen beats its chest and does everything to make the program better. And even though it works within the main brand, the Cupra is still very disappointing.

Very slow operation, frequent freezing of the screen and very difficult operation (turning on the heated seats requires at least two / three clicks, and this reduces our attention). The cure is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but there are connectivity issues here too.

I was also disappointed with the fit of some of the interior features. At low temperatures, the roof can make strange noises, and some plastics make noises as if they have been hit.

How much does the Cupra Born cost and is it worth considering?

This item is appreciated PLN 221,569, and the base price of this version is PLN 186,300. These options for PLN 35,000 in options are Aurora Blue color (PLN 4,572), Blizzard rims (PLN 5,842), Comfort Package, Tech L, better sound system and better HUD display.

At this price, however, we already get everything. There is full equipment on board, good LED lights work well at night, and comfort equipment makes traveling more enjoyable.

Cupra Born 58 kWh – my opinion and summary

Whose car is this? While the Volkswagen ID.3 is an “electrician for the masses”, Born is aimed at people with character, expecting something more than a washing machine on wheels. The expressive design and small changes in the cabin make a good impression, and the car is pleasantly surprising.

So I hope that SEAT and Cupra will face the problems with electricity – because in that case we will be dealing with one of the most interesting cars on the market.