Cupra Born becomes the cheapest electric car with more than 500 kilometers of autonomy

Cupra Born becomes the cheapest electric car with more than 500 kilometers of autonomy

Cupra, a brand of Seat, has just started to announce a new version of its Cupra Born electric car, with a range of 550 km for 40,500 euros once the ecological bonus is deducted.

Cupra Born VZ XL

Are you looking for an electric car with the best range/price ratio? It is quite possible that we are in front of the leader of this segment with the new Cupra Born in its version VZ 230 hp and its XL battery. Indeed, for 46,500 euros, or 40,500 euros once the ecological bonus is deducted, this new version of the Cupra electric car offers a theoretical autonomy on the WLTP cycle of 550 km. A very attractive proposition, but let’s take a closer look at its data sheet technical.

Competing cousin of ID.3

Cupra Born is a compact electric car, which we had the opportunity to test in its standard Born V version, with its small L battery with a capacity of 58 kWh and an output of 204 horses. It is a competitor to the Volkswagen ID.3, but shares the same MEB platform as the latter.

With the new version of VZ XL, we have the right to additional powerwhich increases to 231 horses / 170 kW (hence the suffix VZ) and a torque of 310 Nm, but also more freely, which goes from 426 km to 550 km thanks to the 77 kWh battery.

A good mix of sports

To realize that the VZ version already existedbut with a 58 kWh battery, thus providing a slightly reduced range, for 421 km. This suffix allowsincrease performance slightly, and 0 to 100 km/h in 6.6 seconds (versus 7.3 seconds on the V version). The latter also brings DCC Sport controlled damping, sport ESC connectable and above all large disc brakes at the front, 19-inch rims, Cupra Supersports steering wheel and tinted rear windows.

Cupra Born VZ XL

In terms of fast charging, the power increases, from 120 kW in the smaller battery to 170 kW in this larger battery. But the recharge time should not change, due to the high capacity. It must then count about 35 minutes to go from 10 to 80%.

Cupra Born VZ XL is available now at a price of 46,500 euros, i.e. 40,500 euros after deducting the ecological bonus. Long-term rentals are also available, from 399 euros per month, with a minimum payment of 5,350 euros.

And the competition?

But is it really the only car on the French market that offers a range of more than 500 km while qualifying for the ecological bonus as advertised by the Seat sports brand? This is more or less true, whether or not we consider the margin of negotiation with traders. In fact, his cousin Volkswagen ID.3 in Pro S Active finish earlier theoretical autonomy of 556 kilometers for 48,150 euros.

So yes, the maximum bonus of 6,000 euros stops when the sales price exceeds 47,000 euros. But on a car that costs around 50,000 euros, the stingy seller will not want to give a discount of about 1,000 euros to his customer to increase the bonus amount from 2,000 to 6,000 euros. But be careful, because this long-range version of the Volkswagen ID.3 offers only… 4 seats and not 5 like other series or this Cupra Born VZ XL.

Let’s also mention Hyundai’s Kona Electric in the 64 kWh version with its starting price of 41,700 euros, but with a lower range, announced for 484 km.

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