Cupra Born e-Boost.  Does it make sense to combine a hot hatch with an electric motor?  Test

Cupra Born e-Boost. Does it make sense to combine a hot hatch with an electric motor? Test

Practically for everyone. Cupra Born is, after all, a compact hatchback, which is one of the most universal car designs. Good for a single person, for a couple, a couple with a child, a couple with children, as well as for a couple whose child or children are already independent.

However, it is better for this one or a couple to live in a house with a garage and a charger. With the current state of the infrastructure, using only public charging stations can be a nuisance.

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Cupra Born e-Boost – model details

He was born is the first electric Cupra serial and at the same time the fourth model in the history of this brand and the second, which has no equal in the parent Seat range. Because Cupra became a separate brand in 2018, and for the past 22 years this name went only to the fastest Seats.

Born is available in two power versions: 204 and 231 hp. We tried the second type, but with these 231 hp the matter is more difficult …

Cupra Born e-Boost – a driving experience

“The maximum power specified for electric vehicles can only be achieved under certain conditions. Several factors affect the available power of the power train, such as the ambient temperature, the battery’s charge level, its temperature and the level of wear and tear. For version of e-Boost (i.e. test version – editorial notes), the maximum power output is only temporarily available when the Cupra driving profile is selected, and above all when the high temperature of the high-voltage battery is in range of 23. -50 degrees C. and its payment rate is more than 80%.

Such reservations can be found in the Cupry Born price list. Which means that not every time you press the accelerator pedal, 231 hp comes into action. And what does it look like subjectively?

The electric car makes the driver aware of how much the influence of human hearing senses on the evaluation of reality. The test version of Cupry Born with (not always) 231-horsepower engine and 77 kWh battery should accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7 seconds, but damn, you don’t feel it. Just a glance at the rearview mirror tells us about the rate of acceleration, when suddenly it turns out how the cars that were close to us a short time ago are now.

And that’s because the Cupra Born produces almost no sound. There are no sounds produced by the internal combustion engine during hard acceleration, no storm of sound that makes us think the car is accelerating faster than it really is.

In addition, even using the “Cupra driving profile” mentioned in the caveat above, Born never pulls violently forward, which happens with many electrics. The car does it beautifully but efficiently. If a hot hatch could be quiet, the Cupra Born is.

Unfortunately, even the Cupra’s “driving profile” doesn’t allow the driver to mimic the sound of a V12, let alone a well-maintained turbocharged R4. So the Cupra Born has a real hatch – but you’ll never hear it.

Cupra Born e-Boost – interior

Is it a hot hatch? Because I feel like I’m in a small car.

All because of the large triangular front windows. If the seats were set higher, I could have sworn I was behind the wheel of an MPV. Fortunately, they are as low as in a real hot hatch. The only thing that will be useful for them is a stronger profiling of the middle part of the backrests.

The Cupra Born is based on a platform designed exclusively for electric vehicles, which pays off with an unexpectedly large space. Although the car is 432.2 cm long and is one of the shortest hatchbacks, it is impressive with the amount of legroom in the back. The head is worse – if you are about 190 cm tall, you can rub your hair a little against the head of the head.

The finish of the dashboard is very attractive, especially the taste buds in the light copper color of the cup-typical and various surface shapes.

The multimedia system is intuitive, the central 12-inch screen is ergonomically oriented, but in this well-thought-out puzzle there is one surprising error: if you do not have a cable with a USB-C plug, forget about connecting yours. smartphone, Google Maps and a digital CD library. In the test Cupra Born there was not a single traditional USB port, it was also impossible to connect a smartphone wirelessly with Apple CarPlay. So it should be modern (USB-C), but it’s not.

And if one holds the Borna’s profiled steering wheel at the 9:15 position, one will repeatedly touch the touch panel that changes the volume of the headset. It hurts like a piece of chicken between the teeth.

With a 12-inch central screen, the 5.3-inch instrument cluster may seem too small, but that’s just appearances. It shows all the important data without bombarding us with informational noise. In addition, it does so very legitimately and is attached to the operating range, so the “circle” will never cover it.

Cupra Born e-Boost – boot volume and tuning

The basic capacity is 385 liters. Unfortunately, the loading edge runs very high, and the trunk itself is small. Fortunately, its shapes are a standard design, so customization is at a high level.

Cupra Born e-Boost – leading

Cupra Born is like firecracker velvet. It accelerates like a hot hatch should, but does so with a smooth, balanced, almost luxurious feel. The stability of the suspension is also surprisingly good, which is surprising, especially since the Bridgestone tires installed are profile 40. Indeed, the car is stable, although not so much in a way that is acceptable in a pleasant way. The level of driving pleasure is enhanced by proper handling.

The side mirrors are small, so you can’t see how much of the environment is in them, the view through the rear window is also not enough – but it’s a sports car.

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Cupra Born E-Boost – is it worth buying?

It’s perfect if you’re looking for a practical but quiet hot patch. You can ask the passenger to play you the sound of the V12 from You Tube, but trust me: the silence in this car is reliable and, along with the great dynamics, suspension and steering, it provides great driving pleasure. And that’s what a real hot hatch should be, right?