Cupra Formentor V e-Hybrid first car: now with extra voltios

Cupra Formentor V e-Hybrid first car: now with extra voltios

There is no doubting the visual and driver appeal of Cupra’s coupe-SUV, the Formentor. But one of its biggest problems is that in the 2023 world, New Zealand’s line-up looks a little, well, combustion engine.

Cupra plays well: only the charging port distinguishes the Formentor e-Hybrid from the front.

That has now been rectified with the arrival of the Formentor e-Hybrid. Joining the trio of turbo-petrol models, the V e-Hybrid combines a small 1.4-liter turbo-petrol engine with an integrated battery pack and electric motor that’s good for a claimed 53 km of EV travel.

This is Cupra NZ’s first PHEV, although it’s not its first EV: we already have the Born pure electric sporty hatchback.

Determining where it fits in the world of Formentor involves blurring the lines of EV when we consider the high capital cost of plug-in technology. So here we go.

The New V e-Hybrid is FWD; so that’s two FWD and two AWD Starters in the lineup.

The E-Hybrid is a “Formentor V” with a front drive, which corresponds to the lower end of the line. But it’s actually the most expensive Formentor you can buy: $78,500, more than even the snoring Formentor VZ AWD ($70,990).

The E-Hybrid is the second most powerful Formentor in the range, with a combined 180kW/400Nm.

However, the real-world gap almost disappears when you subtract the Clean Car Rebate fee for the V e-Hybrid, making it $74,475, and add the Clean Car Rebate fee for the VZ, making it $74,095.

The Formentor V e-Hybrid combines a 1.4 liter petrol with a 12.8kWh plug-in battery.

And despite the smaller engine, the e-Hybrid is actually the second most powerful Formentor in the range: with a combined 180kW/400Nm, it’s above the V’s 110kW and V 4Drive’s 140kW, even if it’s not running at all. reaching the height of 228kW of VZ.

The specification adds little to the other Formentor V models: it closely matches the VZ, including a full Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) setup.

But wait (again), because it’s not just about power. The E-Hybrid also weighs 262kg more than the other FWD Formentor, the 1.5-litre V. With 0-100km/h in 7.0sec, it’s just as quick as the mid-range V 4Drive. But still respectfully brisk.

The Formentor V e-Hybrid takes many dimensions from the fast VZ.

It’s all a lot to consider, so let’s just say it this way: the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) is a welcome addition to the lineup and sure to garner more attention for what has always been an attractive, stylish model. Small SUV.

The specifications add little to the other Formentor V models: it closely matches the VZ, including a full configuration of Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) and sports suspension, speed-sensitive power steering, Cruise Assist function for an adaptive ride (coupling . will be boosted with lane support), memory-tuned front bucket seats, black headliners, sports pedals and a wireless phone charger – it’s easy, because wireless phone projections are standard on the range anyway.

Nice wheels on the Cupra Formentor V e-Hybrid, but brass highlights are a $600 option.

The Agile Pack (normally a $2500 option) is also standard on the e-Hybrid, adding heated front seats, automatic parking and 19-inch alloy wheels. Although the brass highlights on the wheels are still an extra $600.

It’s definitely a different driving experience to other Formentors. There are standard PHEV models, including pure electric driving up to 140km/h (as long as there’s a battery charge), charge/storage (better suited for Green Belt Europe than us, admittedly) and full hybrid, which also means complete and honest performance.

Formentor for the first time in Cupra; no Seat is the same.

The acceleration figures may not shock you on paper, but the torque from the hybrid system means the Formentor plug-in feels pretty muscular in the low-to-mid range. The stiffer setup and sports suspension also add a sense of purpose, even when the DCC is in Comfort mode.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time moaning about how you have to go into the infotainment menu to change driving modes in most Cupras (except the VZ, which has a dedicated button) in previous reviews, but during the media launch event for this one. new model we got a gentle reminder from the folks at Cupra that if you click the gear selector into Sport on the Formentor e-Hybrid, the whole car engages. It’s enough.

For a brand that is sometimes ostentatious, the Cupra is also surprisingly understated.

The E-Hybrid has a special edition six-speed DSG transmission (other models are seven-speed) but complements that with an additional clutch, making three in total – all part of the functionality between the engine and transmission, and the electric motor. centered.

Formentor’s PHEV technology will roll out to other Cupra models by 2024. Expect to see the Leon Sportstourer V e-Hybrid in January 2024, with the exact same powertrain and a very similar price: $77,900, though it will still look like a Pure Wagon. Discounts will be part of the equation then.

The Cupra Formentor V e-Hybrid sports a brass exhaust trim.

For a brand that is sometimes impressive, the Cupra is also surprisingly understated. For example, it is very difficult to distinguish the different models of Formentor, the most obvious external difference being the exhaust, um, “trims”: do-it-yourself angular outlets for the V models and real round pipes for the high-speed VZ.

So, DRIVEN Car Guide’s top tip: if you’re missing the AC charging port on the e-Hybrid’s left front fender, look for the square, copper-finished power outlets on the plug-in model. .

ENGINE: 1.4 liter turbo-petrol engine with 12.8kWh plug-in battery and electric motor
POWER: 180kW/400Nm (combined), top petrol 110kW/top electric 85kW
GEARBOX: 6-speed automatic double clutch (DSG), FWD
0-100KM/H: 7.0 sec
USE: 1.3l/100km, CO2 33g/km (WLTP), EV range 53km
PRICE: $78,500 (Clean Car Discount $4025)