Cupra Formentor VZ5 Taiga 2.5 TSI 4Drive: 390 hp pure power

Cupra Formentor driving report: Cupra drivers have the most points in Flensburg – I know why

Hurry, hurry, Cupra. An engine from the Audi shelf with a full hp of 390 gives the wings of the Cupra Formentor. FOCUS online is testing a Spanish crossover, which may make you dislike your neighbors.

The Cupra thing is amazing. Any marketing expert would have thought possible what VW’s Spanish subsidiary Seat has achieved with its sporty model. Cupra has been going on its own since 2018 – and so successfully that one might soon ask where Seat’s place in the Volkswagen Group might still be.

The seat is dead, long live the Cupra

To copy the Cupra’s success, BMW will have to market the M range independently to the masses, the Mercedes AMG athletes and VW the R models – but you can imagine that in the future only M, R and AMG will be talked about. , but nothing more about BMW, VW and Mercedes? Even.

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But the Cupra has more to offer. According to research conducted by Check24, Cupra has replaced Porsche – 8.1 percent of Cupra drivers have points in Flensburg. No brand brings together more traffic offenders – buyers are young, new, different and wild.

This brings us to the test car. In the future, Cupra will be an electric-only brand, but for now there is still a combustion engine. Cupra Formentor VZ5 Taiga 2.5 TSI 4Drive is a special car. Let’s start with the Taiga color. There are 999 copies, each with a number engraved inside the driver’s door. Here you can see number 25. Exclusivity has its price: the test car is listed at 71,179 euros.

Turbo petrol engine from Audi

Let’s come to “VZ5” – this harmless name has it all. “VZ” stands for Veloz, which means “fast”. 5 stands for five cylinders. The engine has a displacement of 2.5 liters and drives with 390 hp. The turbo drive from the Audi shelf accelerates to 100 km / h in 4.2 seconds – and that without electric assistance. It is not surprising that the tread depth of the tires is only 5 mm after 3500 km. And you can be happy that the Formentor has all-wheel drive – and with front-wheel drive, the front tires would probably burn a lot of rubber compound into the pavement.

By the way: if you want to be more reasonable, the basic version of the Formentor starts at 150 hp and costs 35,000 euros.

Start very carefully

But back to the useless test car. The colors are specific, but I personally like the strong metallic blue and the matt gray the best. One problem with the engine if you are worried about the neighbors or you own a house where nearby property is out of earshot: start too early or too late, start carefully, very carefully. And then just step on the gas wisely, please. Otherwise, the residents are standing at the window, perhaps disturbed from their sleep. The Cupra somehow hides its speed with sound. The sentence “It’s just a test car, it will leave soon” helps only to a small extent.

Sheet metal dresses are elegant, no question. As Cupra calls it, “a front splitter and rear diffuser with carbon elements”, everything looks premium. Like a small sporty SUV that can also chase Teslas. Inside, the gameplay goes through the bucket seats, the virtual cockpit allows various options to set and is functional.

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Cupra Formentor looks good value

The skin trim on the dashboard also shows the value, all well done. Except for the center console – taking parts from the VW shelf is legal and saves money, but this appeal of the material does not suit a €70,000 car that is “built with the most beautiful luster”. It seems like former Spanish VW board member López had lent a hand, who had earned a reputation as a cost-cutting man. Otherwise, the Formentor is sporty and modern, including a 12-inch infotainment system.

Space isn’t luxurious, but it’s fine for four people in this series. Length 4.47 meters (width 1.85 m, height 1.50 m) pays. There is also enough space in the trunk with 410 liters (maximum 1465 liters).

And what is the conclusion?

At a time of fuel prices of more than 2 euros per liter, ten liters per 100 kilometers is not a value that inspires respect for a crossover of this size. But you get a lot for the experience, including a lot of driving pleasure. Well, Formentor is limited to 250 km / h, but the acceleration to only 100 km / h is amazing. The car is like a gray Taiga range – something special and not for everyone. But even in the basic version, Cupra looks very attractive. It’s amazing, what the Spanish have put into cycling – in terms of driving and marketing.

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