CUPRA lifestyle

CUPRA lifestyle

Electric, environmentally friendly, safe and powerful nature – it’s more than a car, it’s a lifestyle.

You know a lot about a person by the car they drive. The driver of a city car has an uncertain routine, he is always on the move, because whoever is behind the wheel of an SUV does not know how many of his children’s friends will have to go with him. And not just anyone can be called the owner of an electric car performance of a sportsman. Driving a CUPRA Born says a lot about a person – only a true friend of the environment can choose the first brand of 100% electric model, awarded five stars by the European program Euro NCAP. Consumption is not the only part that makes this model sustainable, as the CUPRA Born was created under the concept of CO2 neutral: it uses materials and fabrics made from plastic collected from the sea.


Driving this car is not just saying we are more green, says that even if our priority is to preserve the environment as much as we can, we never give up on the feeling that driving has to offer. Because being behind the wheel of the CUPRA Born means being in control of a car with a range of up to more than 540 kilometers and the dynamics of a sports car – a low center of gravity, rear-wheel drive and five driving modes provide. an experience like no other.

The born CUPRA driver values ​​sustainability and experience, and never forgets the importance of design which is inspired by nature, but “not in its attractive version, but in its raw state: stones, wood, minerals”, explains Francesca Sangalli, head of the Color&Trim team at CUPRA. The northern lights and the silence of the forest are two examples of how nature has influenced design this model, which combines all the features that a CUPRA driver is looking for.