Cupra Raval 2025. Spain’s small electric car already has an official name

Cupra Raval 2025. Spain’s small electric car already has an official name

The SEAT may not be attractive, but the Cupra runs like crazy. We recently got to know the production version Tavascana, i.e. the same as the Volkswagen ID.5. Now the Cupra Raval joins the list of debuts, and will be on the road in two years.

This is an important car for this manufacturer. It will use the all-new MEB Entry platform, which combines low production costs with long range. And we will get all this in an attractive package.

Cupra Raval 2025. Small and feisty

Let’s start with the first issue, ie the name. If you know Barcelona, ​​you may have heard of the El Raval district. Currently, it is a fashion destination favored by artists. Small restaurants and tapas bars located in old Gothic houses are busy 24 hours a day and attract many people.

It’s a good name for a car that will feel like a fish out of water in the city. All this thanks to MEB Login Platformthat the Volkswagen group is preparing its own small cars. We met him officially ID.2 All designalthough it will eventually be used in a number of other cars – from Skoda to Cupra and possibly Audi.

The wheelbase here is 2,600 mm and the overall length is more than 4 meters. Despite this, we were able to create a spacious interior and a large trunk in this car. You won’t be able to complain about the performance either.

The front wheels will be driven by an electric motor, producing more than 200 HP in the top version (222 HP to be precise). The capacity of the battery is not yet known, but according to our calculations it will be around 60 kWh, which is more than enough for a city car.

The Cupra Raval will leave the factory in Martorell

The Spaniards want to start producing this car in 2025. Therefore, if there are no delays, the Raval will be the first “small” electric car of the new generation in the Volkswagen group.

Soon we will also discover one more thing Cup, namely the Terramar model. It will be the last combustion engine, based on the Audi Q3, to be produced in Hungary. Under the hood you’ll find a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. Finally, the Terramar will be the successor to the Cupra Ateca.