Current car recall at CITROEN: Everything about the affected cars and what you can do now

Current car recall at CITROEN: Everything about the affected cars and what you can do now

CITROEN is currently recalling vehicles. You can read here which vehicles are affected and why they are being recalled.

In Germany, every manufacturer is obliged to warn its customers about the possible dangers of their products. This can be done by a remember with a warning.
For C3 CITROEN published a safety warning on January 13, 2023. We are closely monitoring products from Slovakia and the associated risks.

CITROEN: These models are affected

Kinds of products passenger cars from the category cars were launched by CITROEN, but the warning only applies to e2 models2007/46000369 from C3* refers to Additionally, it is known that the defective products come from the production period from 08/22/2022 – 08/23/2022. The products are described as follows: “car-car”

Who warns us about the product?

The following processed information comes from the “Rapid Exchange of Information System” (abbreviation: RAPEX). This is the European rapid alert system for consumer protection, where information from member countries about dangerous or potentially dangerous consumer products can be exchanged. The European Commission publishes a weekly report on current RAPEX notifications, which are summarized on the Internet.

“C3” from CITROEN – What is the danger of the product?

The warning type “Risk of injury” applies to the product, with the highest risk being reported by the article on the warning level. RAPEX describes the alert level in more detail. So it says here: “The product does not comply with the regulations on the approval and market surveillance of vehicles and vehicle trailers as well as systems, components and different technical units that are intended for these vehicles.” The manufacturer himself reported: “Improper installation of certain components (brake caliper, rear axle mount, ratchet wheel, ABS sensor, brake hose, brake hose brake, front control arm, front balance arm , stability bar, power steering) the affected parts are lost or damaged. This can cause various errors such as the loss of the connection of the rear wheel and the wishbone or the rupture of the rear brake system while the vehicle is in motion, thus increasing the risk of an accident . . .

Your car is being recalled: what can you do now?

Concrete measures are currently being taken in response to the product warning. Compatible vehicles are now being recalled by the manufacturer. If your vehicle is subject to a recall, contact your authorized dealer. They can check the case through the main database and help you with the return. Other countries have also issued warnings, such as the Netherlands.

Product description at a glance

product example types production time remember the rules Installation bar code
C3 e22007/460003*69 8/22/2022 – 8/23/2022 not specified not specified not specified

For more information on product warnings, see here.

+++ Editorial note: This text was automatically generated based on current data from RAPEX. If you have any comments or questions, please contact +++

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