Customers complain about the quality of the steering wheel yoke

Customers complain about the quality of the steering wheel yoke

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Of: Simon Mones

Tesla is again criticized for its excellence. This time, customers complain about the processing of the steering wheel yoke.

Tesla and quality. For some car enthusiasts, this is a combination that does not go together. In fact, the American car manufacturer often has problems with processing, which ADAC recently found in the test of materials and processing quality of new cars. Tesla drivers continue to complain about problems with their electric car on social media.

There are a number of posts on Twitter where users are complaining about the awkward steering yoke handle on their Tesla Model S. After a while, the material on the handles should wear away leaving uncomfortable bumps.

After only a few thousand kilometers, the steering wheel of the Tesla yoke already looks worn. © Twitter (Kilowatt)

Tesla: Customers complain about the quality of the steering wheel yoke

So far, this seems to be a visual problem, but this will happen very quickly. A Tesla driver reports that the material started to wear out after just six months. With YouTubers of The kilowatts, this happened after only 24,500 miles (39,429 km).

TikToker jf.sawa is said to have the first unpleasant spots after just 12,000 miles (19,312 km). Another Twitter user even claimed to have a picture of a yoke wheel electric cars it left after only 4,000 miles (6,437 km).

Tesla: TikToker allegedly misused Yoke’s steering wheel

For part of the Twitter community, however, the fault lies not with Tesla’s poor processing, but with jf.okay. The TikToker allegedly misused the steering wheel. They mentioned wrinkles that may have been caused by fingernails. The use of inappropriate hand lotion or disinfectant was also thrown into the room. However, the material should not be removed from the yoke too quickly.

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It’s unclear if affected Tesla owners have already contacted customer service. It is to be hoped that in this case the employees will respond positively to the complaints of their customers. With Model 3 Visible damage has been minimized and should be repaired with a paint job. It is quite possible that the problems with the steering yoke for Tesla are only of a “cosmetic nature”.