Cybertruck, semi and roadster are coming 2023>

Cybertruck, semi and roadster are coming 2023>

Manufacturing of the Tesla Model Y for the USA began in March 2020 a little earlier than expected, in China it started well from the beginning of 2021, and even the German Giga Factory at Grünheide near Berlin started differently from other experts there. the German approval system feared a moderate delay. The next Tesla factory that produces Model Y also opened in Texas on Thursday, probably for the first time in the world with a 4680 battery. On the other hand, Tesla has been keeping customers waiting for several more models for years – but as CEO Elon Musk made it clear at the launch of Gigafactory in Texas, the system has.

Tesla in a different situation from 2023

This year Tesla is still busy adding, he explained in his evening speech “Cyber ​​Rodeo” to Gigafactory in Texas with thousands of guests. As Musk also said, growing as quickly as possible will remain a major interest in Tesla for a long time to come, but by 2022 he was referring only to the models available now and especially Model Y. He had already incorporated this capability. in April 2021, becoming the best-selling car in the world.

With additional factories in Grünheide and Austin, Tesla is increasingly capable of production for this: they are all designed for 500,000 Ys of Model per year and add capacity to the main Fremont and China factories, which together are the highest. That makes it possible to produce more than 1.5 million Model Y per year once two new gigafactory are added. The world’s best-selling Toyota Corolla sold 1.1 million times in 2020.

Reaching this size has been a priority for Tesla so far, CEO Musk made it clear on the internet rodeo on Thursday. Some of 2022 are still being worked on, but he announced a different situation at Tesla for next year: by 2023 there will be a “big wave of new products,” Musk said. He had listed them briefly earlier, with no restrictive phrases that they usually like to use: “We will be in production with Cybertruck next year, we will be in production with Roadster and Semi. It’s all coming, “explained the Tesla boss.

500,000 Cybertrucks from Giga Texas

He volunteered more than at a phone conference in late January, where he wanted to deliver a product update and also cited 2023 for all three Tesla models, but with “hope”. The safest of these seems to be Cybertruck, whose Tesla design boss Franz von Holzhausen then drove up to Musk on the platform (see photo above). In addition, the CEO had previously indicated that the image would also be manufactured in a Texas factory from 2023. After the crossroads, it was estimated that it would reach 1 million cars a year, which means the same as most network trucks with Model Y 500,000. For Roadster and Semi, however, Tesla will have to start with another factory or expansion if they are also produced from 2023.