Cybertruck stylish?  Infiniti created it

Cybertruck stylish? Infiniti created it

Do you think the Tesla Cybertruck is ugly or too angular? Then Infiniti may have created a better picture for you. Think of it as Cybertruck, but in shape.

Tesla attracted the attention of almost the entire automotive industry last week with the launch of Cybertruck. It is not surprising, because something looks like something we have never seen before. Angular design is not just daring, it is for a reason. Tesla could not create the more complex metal that a truck made and therefore could only bend. Whether it is good or not, let’s talk about it for a moment. Coincidentally or not: Today Infiniti showed off a photo frame with the same format, Quick-x.


According to the automaker, Quick-x is nothing but their current structural language, presented in the image. Like Tesla, the manufacturer went for a smaller design that still works. Apparently that means a straight line from the grille to the roof, because Quick-x also has no hood. In fact, Infiniti goes one step further than Cybertruck, extending the windshield to the tip of the nose.

The choice of these lines and a large front mirror allowed Infiniti to place the driver and co-driver further in front. This creates extra space in the back, which is of course practical. But clean lines especially help pick-up flying in the air more easily. Aerodynamics was an important step in the development of this vehicle. Something that also becomes clear when you see that the door mirrors do not exist.


Infiniti reports that we should not expect Quick-x. No plans for a production model are possible. The brand indicates that it has no plans to enter the stock market yet. Why they invested time and money in this structure is a mystery to us.

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