Cyclist Kaitlin Armstrong, suspected of murder, was arrested after a search: ‘He’ hid ‘Abroad

Cyclist Kaitlin Armstrong, suspected of murder, was arrested after a search: ‘He’ hid ‘Abroad

Police searched for Kaitlin Armstrong for at least 43 days. The 34-year-old yoga teacher and former gravel rider was granted an international arrest warrant after a brutal murder rocked the United States of gravel bikes.

All the while, the police were in the dark to find out where Armstrong might be. But on Wednesday afternoon, his luck ended when he was arrested by police at a hostel in Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Officials at the scene determined that Armstrong had used a fake passport to fly from Newark to San Jose, Costa Rica, on May 18. One week after the alleged murder, and the day his last photos were taken.

The arrest can be seen in a photo from Costa Rica’s Ministry of Public Security. It appears that Armstrong had dyed his hair brown in hopes of being unrecognized. According to U.S. police, that was not his only appearance: he also had a plaster cast on his nose and bruises under his eyes, following the alleged accident during the slip. “He looked different,” says a source Everyday animal

Like comet up

The drama took place on May 11 in Austin, Texas. At a friend’s house, police found Anna Moriah ‘Mo’ Wilson (25) shot dead. Help is no longer necessary: ​​a woman dies instantly.

Anna Moriah Wilson

The highly connected gravel community is in shock. In the next match none of the winners in the finish line raise their hands. After all, Mo ‘Wilson is a welcome person, with a unique story. “He came to the gravel area like a comet,” said Dutch gravel rider Laurens ten Dam earlier in his podcast. Live slowly, drive fast† “She worked in the office as a bicycle frame buyer. A good tedious job for a promising former alpine athlete. But later he got injured, started cycling, and proved to be very good at it. ”

“A lot of people had a soft spot for him and his story,” Ten Dam said. Top American gravel star Colin Strickland (35) also confirmed Mo ‘Wilson’s indifference. The two had a brief relationship late last year. But a little later, Strickland and his ex-girlfriend Kaitlin Armstrong came back together.


Return to May 11 in Austin. Afternoon Colin Strickland shows up at Mo ‘Wilson’s guest house, who will take part in the Gravel Locos gravel game a few days later. Wilson jumps on the back of his BMW motorcycle. The two go to a nearby public swimming pool, then have something to eat together. “As friends,” Strickland repeats several times later. After that, messages from her emerge where you do not tell Kaitlin that she has made an appointment with Mo ‘that day.

Surveillance cameras near Mo ‘Wilson’s home, record how Strickland returns Mo’ to his guest house on the evening of May 11, when a black Jeep – Armstrong’s – turns into the same street. Shortly afterwards, Mo ‘Wilson, who had been shot, was found in a large pool of blood at his guest house.

especially evil

Laurens ten Dam recounts in his podcast how he was at Strickland’s home late at night when police said that Kaitlin Armstrong was probably responsible for the killings. There were surveillance images. And through a tip-off, police discovered that Armstrong responded angrily and threatened several times when he learned that his girlfriend and Mo ‘Wilson were reunited.

Police arrested Armstrong, but he had to be released on parole. The last detectives to see her were an investigative image at Austin airport of a woman with a yoga mat on her back. That was done on May 18, one week after the assassination.

Colin Strickland is a well-known gravel cyclist.

Colin Strickland is a well-known gravel cyclist.

Jeep for sale

New reports that surfaced meanwhile show that Armstrong sold his black jeep to a car dealer two days after Wilson’s assassination, and then boarded a plane in Austin on May 14. Investigators say he flew from there to Houston, then New York, then Newark, and finally, the day after the warrant was issued against him, to Costa Rica.

He is now being extradited to the United States, where he will face charges of murder.