Dacia beats the competition in this regard.  Even Toyota is losing |  French.pl

Dacia beats the competition in this regard. Even Toyota is losing | French.pl

Dacia is a brand that offers a lot for a little money. However, it has one more feature that makes customers choose these cars voluntarily, and Toyota, Kia or Skoda cannot compare here. What is it about?

Although the Dacia brand has been on the market for a very long time, its revival under the rule of Renault took place in 2004. Then the car entered the market, which was originally supposed to cost 5,000 euros. In the end it turned out to be more, but there was still something to talk about. Dacia Logan, which cost less than PLN 30,000 at the time, was somewhat ignored by the automotive press, even laughed at, but customers immediately liked it.

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When the MCV model, which can accommodate seven adults, appeared, the market began to take Dacia more seriously. In 2008, Sandero hit the showrooms, also at a price below PLN 30,000, and two years later we saw a timeless hit – the Duster model. Anyone who likes to drive at that time remembers the amount: PLN 39,900 for the basic model. And no one laughed anymore – Dacia turned into a bull’s eye.

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What does Dacia have that makes it win the competition while Toyota, Skoda or Kia have no place here? Let’s take Dacia’s most popular model in Poland, the Duster. It is chosen voluntarily by individual customers, and more and more companies buy it. This model is the market leader when it comes to residuals. And there is no competition here: it loses little value in its community. After three years and 60,000 km, the Dacia Duster is worth almost 24% less than when it left the showroom! This is the best result!

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Dacia ensures that residual values ​​are maintained at a very high level and has a strict pricing policy: no discounts, fixed prices, does not sell cars to companies with deep discounts, and does not sell its own cars. for rental companies with big discounts. We can see the effect in the ads, used Dacies are on sale. But not only that, well-maintained and well-maintained cars do not always reach the secondary market, they often stay in the family and continue to be driven – this applies to more than 30% of customers.

Pricing policy will not change – the new 3rd generation Duster, which will be available to order in February, will be offered on the same terms. Later more examples. This is good news for buyers who want to get as much money back as possible when selling their car.

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