Dacia Duster with kitchen, tent, for driving on asphalt and off-road.  9th National Dacia Rally |  French.pl

Dacia Duster with kitchen, tent, for driving on asphalt and off-road. 9th National Dacia Rally | French.pl

Dacia Duster is a very practical car, especially if we use creative modifications. A stove, a refrigerator and a roof tent – everything can be installed, you just need to plan the space accordingly. During the 9th Dacia National Championship, we learned interesting ways to transform a model into a simple and practical camping vehicle.

The 9th National Dacia Conference takes place in Czerna, near Krzeszowice. The basis of the conference, like last year, was the “Przy Leśniczówka” Agro-Tourist Farm located in a beautiful location. The model that dominated the meeting is the Dacia Duster, but you can also see the Jogger, the Logan MCV and the off-road version of the Sandero, which includes the “Single Seat Sandero Off Road Team Poland”. I don’t think there are many similar examples in Poland…

The popularity of Duster during the rally is not surprising, after all, the participants are road lovers not only Dacia Club Poland, but also for the Duster Off-Road Team Poland, called “Beavers”, which organizes Duster trips through interesting places every year. The “Beavers” recipe for the holiday is simple, cheap and guarantees independence. Just load your family in the car and start exploring the interesting places in Europe.

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Dacia Duster with roof tent

This year, some participants of the rally spent about 3 weeks in the Balkans. Dacia Duster was used for off-road driving, on mountain gravel roads and as a camping vehicle. Several owners brought us their ideas for improving the car. It cannot be denied that the space in the trunk of the Dacia SUV is limited. Duster is not a minivan, but we still have to use the roof area. A popular way to increase the possibility of transport is to install a roof rack that we can transport, among others: a spare wheel. This frees up some space in the trunk for additional cargo.

The roof of the Duster can also be used as a tent base. The organizer of the meeting, Marek Mielczarek, made a folding platform on his own and at a low cost, added lights to the car, curtain on the side of the car and several other features. In the future, he plans to install solar panels, which will allow increased freedom when standing, but we will say a little more about Marek’s Duster in a separate article.

Cooking outside

Tomek and his wife installed a panel on the Duster that housed a two-burner stove, a folding shelf for the water tank and compartments for dishes and food items. The outdoor kitchen slides out from under the trunk shelf with the movement of one hand. Duster carries a refrigerator, plastic containers for extra equipment and a tourist toilet.

Here is a similar idea in another Duster:

The variety of models, in terms of years, equipment and modifications, was very wide during the demonstration. Curiosities include the Renault Duster with a 2.0 engine and the Duster, which left the factory as a Renault and became a Dacia for the needs of the meeting. By the way, it must be a lot of fun off the road, since the body is covered in mud.

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Celebration and joy

About 60 people arrived at the 9th Dacia National Conference, including one polar bear, with whom everyone had to take a souvenir photo. Traditionally, whole families with children came and enjoyed together in competitions that required strength, balance and agility. After carefully counting the points, the organizers selected the winners and awarded the prizes.

The event was also an opportunity to purchase equipment. The Rider company produced hoods tailored to the body of Dacia cars. The equipment mainly performs a protective function, but it can also cover the damage to the paint after escaping from the road. Covers are available for all versions and years of Dacia.

The meeting will continue until Sunday.

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