Dacia has announced a surprising deadline for the production of internal combustion engines.  How long will petrol, diesel and LPG be with us?  |  French.pl

Dacia has announced a surprising deadline for the production of internal combustion engines. How long will petrol, diesel and LPG be with us? | French.pl

Dacia officially announced the end of production of internal combustion engines. Until then, the brand’s offering will include petrol, LPG and hybrid drives.

Dacia started its journey with the market in 2005. When Logan, which was the first car in Europe for 5,000 euros, was launched, no one could have guessed how this budget brand would go. Success followed success. The 7-seater Logan MCV, Sandero, Duster, Lodgy, Dokker and now Jogger emerged as a hit. Europe needed and still needs a cheap, simple, but also strong and useful car.

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Dacia Logan has started a long journey for the brand in the hearts of customers. The recipe for success was very simple: proven Renault technology in a new body, offering only the essentials. No gadgets, no expensive solutions and equipment. Simplicity and minimalism turned into a magnet that began to attract millions of customers. Dacia added to this great driving characteristics, high suspension comfort and factory gas installation. LPG is one of the highlights of the offer. In Poland, there are models that are sold in the autogas version in 80%.

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Important markets where this oil is popular, apart from Poland, include Italy and Turkey, its popularity is growing in France and Germany. Customers storm the showrooms and order models like Duster, Sandero or Jogger with 1.0 ECO-G engines with LPG. For those who need it, there are 1.3 TCE units with power up to 150 hp, which can be ordered with an automatic gearbox. This is also an important selling point, so Dacia does not want to leave this offer as long as possible. However, the diesel will disappear from the offer – along with the new generation Dacia Duster, the 1.5 dCi engine will be removed. Hybrid, petrol and LPG will remain.

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In Italy, Dacia made a surprising announcement. Through the mouth of its director, Guido Tocci, he announced when he would release these drives, the exact date was given. It is December 31, 2034. Until that day, you will be able to buy a car and a regular car in Dacia showrooms. Why is it like this? A day later, the ban on the sale of such vehicles will come into force. So the brand is expecting an onslaught of salons.

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Dacia today is a very important part of the Renault group. Sales and market shares are growing very fast. This success is viewed with envy by other producers who have already tried to copy the business model several times. More expensive cars mean that more and more customers are coming to Dacia. They are convinced with a very good price-performance ratio, low operating costs, high reliability and high residual value.

Dacia is no longer budget and still offers a lot. So great success.

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