Dacia is preparing the model that everyone is waiting for.  There will be hybrid and LPG!

Dacia is preparing the model that everyone is waiting for. There will be hybrid and LPG!

Bigster is not the last word for this French-Romanian brand. It can be seen that Dacia already has a large market penetration and in fact it will be difficult to find a niche that can fit. Nothing could be further from the truth. Denis Le Vot, the head of this company, has ambitious plans for the coming years. And all because cars of other brands become more expensive every year.

In an interview with Auto Motor und Sport, Le Vot confirmed that Dacia is working on a number of new models. Among them is a car that will please many people. We are talking about a standard compact hatchback.

Denis Le Vot says Dacia can take advantage of the market situation. And all because of the high prices of competitors’ cars

The matter is very simple. Now even compact models can cost 40,000 euros, notes Le Vot. This situation means that the French-Romanian brand directly finds a new position in which it can develop.

Most people would rather drive a regular compact, not an SUV. However, prices are increasingly affecting the wallet. That’s why Dacia is preparing three models that will officially enter this segment.

The first will be the Bigster, a larger version of the Duster. However, this is just a warm-up, as there are two more cars planned. The first can be a large station wagon, and the second can be a classic hatchback.

The advantage of this brand is the fact that it has access to the latest solutions of the Renault group. The CMF-B platform is also an ideal basis for large vehicles, mainly because of its modular design. And considering that Renault has abandoned the Megane combustion in favor of the extended Captur (called Symbioz), Dacia could attract many customers of this brand.

Materials and quality are no longer a problem here. Yes, these are cars with cheap and simple finishes, but they don’t disappoint. And this is a big advantage for customers who approach shopping very practically.

Additionally, Dacia is working on new drives

There are plans for a hybrid car, but not a plug-in. In addition, it will also be compatible with LPG, which is highly appreciated by many customers of the brand. In the chosen ones cars it will eventually be joined by a 4×4 vehicle as well, which is good news.

Le Vot also does not fully believe in the ban on the sale of combustion vehicles from 2035. The Renault group is protecting itself against changes thanks to the partnership with Geely. Both groups will jointly develop a range of new petrol and hybrid units.